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  1. siLc

    Golf MK5 GTI mirror dipping in reverse

    Not the door controller, but the door mirror harness. For running those, there should be wiring kits available from the well-known oriental bazaar.
  2. siLc

    VW Tiguan 5n 2010

    Actually, I think I was wrong. I thought of this Tiguan as a prefacelift model, which indeed has 5N0 EPB. But it appears (CFFB engine + DQ500 box) that this is a facelift model, which has 3AA EPB originally. That is probably why there is still "incompatible interface" fault code in the later...
  3. siLc

    VW Tiguan 5n 2010

    Aah, OK. I'm not familiar with those C designations. Let the OP tell what has been changed.
  4. siLc

    VW Tiguan 5n 2010

    Probably not. Part number starting with 5N0 indicates that's probably a correct module for the Tiguan Mk1. What struck me as odd is the EPB module whose part number starts with 3C8, indicating its a Passat CC module. Tiguan Mk1's EPB also starts with 5N0. 3C8 probably is not suitable as the...
  5. siLc

    VW Tiguan 5n 2010

    But what's the problem then? Codes point to EPB module changed to one from a Passat CC, which may not be compatible with the ABS and cluster.
  6. siLc

    Skoda Octavia III EU parking camera screen switch off

    You say that you know that you need to post coding, but in this case you need to post an adaptation map of your current 5F. Coding of 5F and even an autoscan of the car is a bonus :)
  7. siLc

    Passat b7 steering wheel upgrade

    569BA checks all the boxes as the others already mentioned so it should be good.
  8. siLc

    Actual boost pressure for 1.4 twincharger

    Thanks for the further explanation. Some more ideas... Does it switch between gasoline and CNG and blink the engine light when misfire episodes appear? You can check which cylinders are misfiring from the ECU's measurement blocks (misfire counters). Also on the CNG model, the spark plug change...
  9. siLc

    Actual boost pressure for 1.4 twincharger

    How's the chain rattle on engine startup? Does it rattle and then quickly go quiet or will it persistently rattle (somewhat)? That may explain the poor running but that too usually has a crank/camshaft correlation DTC present.
  10. siLc

    Actual boost pressure for 1.4 twincharger

    By your description, this is not the primary suspect. When starting from standstill, can you hear the supercharger clutch engagement sound? There are more charge pipes besides those after the turbo. When driving and revving the engine past 3500rpm, does engine power improve?
  11. siLc

    Passat b7 steering wheel upgrade See table for MFSW compatilibty. 569AA does not support MFSW so you will have to swap it out for one that does. 569T and 569AS are the usual options.
  12. siLc

    Adjusting PLA 2.0 360 Sensor Sensitivity? 2016 Tiguan

    Are the side sensors genuine? Was the weather humid when the erroneous side detections occured? You can turn the PDC auto activation off in MFA. "Park Pilot" was the menu entry, I believe.
  13. siLc

    Actual boost pressure for 1.4 twincharger

    Check the plastic pipe system running across the top of the cylinder head - it has parts which are bound to develop cracks and cause leaks. Part number is 03C103474AB.
  14. siLc

    '08 A3 8P parts in my '06 A3 8P

    What was the aim in changing the door cards? Their connectors' pin assignments can change over the years.
  15. siLc

    Reversing Sensors and Tow Hitch

    Vehicles with only rear sensors the speaker is normally in the rear, probably on the right.
  16. siLc

    Passat B7 ABS Issue

    Simply change the rear left ABS sensor and with 99% certainty you will be good to go. Changing the sensor is simple and quite cheap compared to changing the wheel bearing.
  17. siLc

    2018 Audi Q7 Keyless Entry

    From the autoscan’s engine label this is a CRTC which is 200kW.
  18. siLc

    Golf MK6 RNS315 Microphone Sensitivity

    Provided this RNS315 is a version which contains the integrated Bluetooth module, then its indeed peculiar that module 56 is missing from the scan and 77 is not reachable. Perhaps the RNS315 has given up the ghost somewhat? Or is there a seperate BT module underneath the passenger seat?
  19. siLc

    2013 VW CC lux and bluetooth phone turn off

    With the aftermarket stereo, you can't make use of the original BT anyway. You can remove it from under the front passenger seat. Also remove it (module 77) from the gateway installation list.
  20. siLc

    2018 Audi Q7 Keyless Entry

    This "SAFELOCK" is a RoW vehicle attribute. UK is still RoW. Have a look at your Q7 owner's manual about this feature - there might be a simple way to disable it, if needed.