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  1. Ovidel

    [MQB?] Infotainment unit - working after engine shut off?

    Hi. on my car it works the way you want it to work. past b8 mib2 pro. maybe if you upload a backup of adaptations and an autoscan we will find out why it works abnormally for you.
  2. Ovidel

    How to disable DRL on Golf 7 ?

    If you post an auto scan and the adaptation backup of 09 central electric ,will be easier to us helping you 😉
  3. Ovidel


    @Milan Hi! BCM admap is required to help you. Basic LED and High LED are not coded the same. At High LED, DRL can be activated only on the external LED ring for example. Etc. However, the channels in the adaptation for the tail light are this: leuchte16, leuchte17, leuchte23, leuchte24, and the...
  4. Ovidel

    Passat B8 early 2015, Retrofitting A5 front camera + DLA + Lane assist- Finished

    Hi! The link is no longer valid. Can you please upload them again, maybe elsewhere? I have a friend who wants to do the retrofitting and the respective wires do not reach the group of TIUL connectors. Thanks!!!
  5. Ovidel

    erWIN - Audi

    Hi MELenium My advice is to do a little practice to get acquainted with the site, you can browse and even download a sample pdf (which will have only a few pages), and without paying a fee. You should find "model-specific information" and "information in pdf format", choose car models and have...