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  1. Viking

    Caddy Immobiliser issue?

    Your VCDS software is out of date. Update to the latest version and repost the autoscan please. See here...
  2. Viking

    AC wont turn on.

    I have no idea what you mean. Is the Air Conditioning working? If not, how are you getting cold air?
  3. Viking

    AC wont turn on.

    So can you get cold air or not?
  4. Viking

    8669 - ROD - Unknown Error Code

    If you don't have VCDS then your options here are very limited. This is a support forum for registered users of VCDS, an autoscan is a requirement to be able to assist you.
  5. Viking

    8669 - ROD - Unknown Error Code

    Please post a complete autoscan using the English VCDS version. You can download the English version here...
  6. Viking

    Golf GTE MK7.5 DRL Adaptation

    That's only the gateway installation list (albeit with a very old VCDS version). Need a complete autoscan please.
  7. Viking

    ABS coding (MK60EC1)

    Update your VCDS program to the latest version from here... Uwe will be along shortly I'm sure.
  8. Viking

    re audi coding 01794

    There's clearly a back story here. Could you enlighten us as to what's been going on?
  9. Viking

    Polo 8 R-line 2019 crash data stored in steering module

    You seem to be overthinking this. Log into your forum account ( You Do Not Need To Be Verified!) from your computer and find this thread here where you've already posted. Find the text file of your autoscan, and copy / paste the complete text as a reply to any of the posts here. Essentially...
  10. Viking

    RNS510 long coding changed on it's own?

    I've had this once I can recall. It was a faulty unit, and the coding changed sometime between removal from the car to arriving with me. I honestly have no idea how, but in answer to your question I'd say Yes it's possible. However, as I said, it was a fault within th unit which caused the...
  11. Viking

    VW T5 2.0 tdi 2014 model BCM programming

    So, to clarify. The original "broken" one is part number ...??? And the replacement is part number ... ???
  12. Viking

    Leon 1p coding

    You'll need to post an unedited Autoscan first, but before that you should update to the latest VCDS version. Yours is well out of date... 😏
  13. Viking

    Key fob programming for 01 beetle with vcds

    How far do you get, and why are you failing to get a result? Are you trying to program the fob for alarm and unlocking, or are you trying to program it for immobiliser?
  14. Viking

    2012 VW Touareg Oil Fill Level IDE00151

    I'd be inclined to simplify things. Buy a dipstick and replace the plug which blocks the dipstick tube then just use the dipstick to check the level. That's what I did.
  15. Viking

    DAB Firmware Update Problems

    Aye lad. Up near Richmond if you need a scan doing...
  16. Viking

    DAB Firmware Update Problems

    Sounds like you're not too far from my neck of the woods then.
  17. Viking

    Upgrading a hex-v2 device

    When I upgraded mine there was no VAT to pay as there are no physical goods arriving in the country to attract VAT I guess.
  18. Viking

    I'm a new user with VW Passat b8

    Another users car and problem may not be the same as yours. A VCDS autoscan from your vehicle is a requirement here as the forum is run for the support of Ross Tech customers. Without an autoscan your options and assistance are very limited.
  19. Viking

    New user looking for info

    That question gets asked a lot. Perhaps this thread will give you some answers. 👍