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    Watch those mirrors, Golf Alltrack

    Last summer my girlfriend traded her Touareg in on a Golf Alltrack. Last weekend she backed out of the driveway and was too close to our fence (I have her park tight to the fence so I can get out on my motorcycle in the morning). It popped apart and she ran over the pieces. It's all bolt on...
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    07 Touareg TDI: AFS fault. Need help coding FFS

    So the little lady's VW has the amazing headlights that self level and look around corners. They also "side light", which isn't as riveting as side boob but it's still pretty cool. It's an H3 bulb and really does add some lumens to maneuvering operations. Some of those peasants can be tricky...
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    The N+1 vehicle

    I've almost started this thread a few times. There are times when one of my cars requires surgery that takes the vehicle off line for days/weeks/months and the time is coming up for me to do some wrenching on the V10 Touareg. I'd also like to be able to utilize the Park&Ride because my...
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    Just let these images soak in for a minute

    I didn't take these, they aren't funny and they aren't a video so I started a new thread. But for those of you who occasionally pick up a wrench, check this out:
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    Inside joke It's a contrail. No, it's a missile. No, it's a contrail.
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    Let's see your workbench Bitches!

    I need to gather ideas so I can set up my workshop. My SO and I bought a house recently in the north end of Tacoma WA. It's a smaller house than we were in (so neither of our kids can move back in), and we wanted old with character, cheaper than market value so we could afford to fix it up...
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    Used car, any quick thoughts? '07 Audi A3 A friend of mine has worn out his turbo beetle and asked what I thought of this car. What should he look for or should he just run?
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    The cheap car for your teen dilema

    Okay so you've got a teen who has a valid driver's license and you're tired of them being at your house all the time. It's time to gift them with a vehicle, or so it seems. This particular child is what you might call under employed and (don't be drinking milk for this next one) does not...
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    07 V10 TDI. And so it begins...

    [short side trip] My girlfriend loved her 04 V8 Touareg that we picked up several months ago, but she's a bit finicky when it comes to things being in nice shape. At the time we found the 04 there just weren't a lot of TDI vehicles out there for sale (zero, as a matter of fact). So we picked...
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    Son of a b$%*#

    Found some unicorn shit in my Boxster IMS bearing. I knew I picked a bad day to get off horse.
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    motorcycle ride report, eastern Oregon I went on a trip with my oldest son a couple of weeks back. Should be done writing the remainder of the trip home by tomorrow evening. Cheers.
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    '04 Touareg, new key?

    Any chance I can use VCDS to "marry" a new key to our '04 Touareg? It's done everything else I've asked of it. Long story short, someone busted the left rear passenger window yesterday and stole a binder which had a key, not for the VW but for our volvo. It brought to light that we have only...
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    What you never want to see in your oil drain pan.

    986 Boxster S. This poured out of my oil filter last night: The wet stuff is my tears, obviously. Dreaded IMS is the likely culprit. F word... I just noticed there's no vomit emoticon on here Uwe. Might want to look into that. I'm planning on a tear down and overhaul in the coming...
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    How do you start your day?

    In keeping with the bar theme... I thought I'd start a thread and see how many of you have discarded the race with the other rats in favor of quality of life. I'm only 50 and the number of people I have known who aren't around any more is noteworthy. They never made it to retirement or got to...
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    p0722 and p1225 VW beetle

    My son just emailed me about his girlfriend's car. Pretty sure it's a 1.8 Bug (no turbo). He told me it was shifting lousy and that he had used a local OBD2 reader to get the above codes. p1225 is ECT sensor short to ground. ECT is engine coolant temperature and from what I read with a quick...
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    What new music for old people?

    I've lived in the Seattle area for many ye-, okay way too long. Since the early 90s there was a radio station that put itself on the map by playing "B sides" and lesser known tracks, along with a mix of newer bands that played acoustic or at least not shitty music. (103.7 for anyone around...
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    Newb success, '04 Touareg

    I've been walking past my cable and box for weeks now (moving, swinging car deals, etc). Today I wanted to turn some wrenches and decided to start with my woman's Touareg. It's still new to us, and there have been a few things I could do to earn some happy points. Downloaded and installed the...
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    Keyless entry for the house

    This is one of those times when I would normally have turned to the TF bar for collective wisdom, and remembered there is at least some of us here on Uwe's site. I just moved in with my girlfriend. I'm down to one kid living at home (18) and she has one son (16) plus her daughter (19) who is...
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    New ab(user) with Touareg

    Greetings. I guess in many forums it is traditional to step up to the microphone and introduce ourselves. I just recently realized that I've known Uwe Ross for a number of years and now I'm back to having my hands in a VW. I've wanted a Touareg or Cayenne for some time. Initially I wanted a...