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  1. Bruce

    Belief Systems and discussions thereof

    As we got into some discussion of faith, prayer and such related to the current political climate, I thought it appropriate to give a place for such discussions. I ask only that all comments made here be done with the utmost care. What people believe, they have the right to believe. Let us...
  2. Bruce

    Corona Virus COVID-19 and the effect for Ross-Tech

    I have had many inquiries about how we (Ross-Tech) are doing. Many of those inquires have been specific to this old man. As I am the oldest in RT land, I guess there are concerns about what this old fool might be experiencing. Rest easy. While we are at the epicenter of the COVID cases in...
  3. Bruce

    The Data Battle

    And so the new battle - like the "Right to Repair" battle - begins:
  4. Bruce

    Looks like Miss Tiggy is going for service again! 2010 Tiguan SEL 2.0L Auto

    Well Miss Tiggy just had an oil change and full service 3 weeks ago. This week, she is going bonkers and running really rich. Here are the fuel trims: Address 01: Engine (06J 906 026 DP) 15:31:29 Group 032: Lambda Control (Mixture Adaptation) 1.1 % Adaptation (Idle)...
  5. Bruce

    Telematics - Automotive IoT, connected car modules face rapid growth

    Another interesting article on things to come...
  6. Bruce

    Right to Repair - Massachusetts Memoradum of Understanding and it's impact in 2018

    At the recent ETi conference for tool manufacturers, the following discussion occurred led by Mr. Brian Herron, President of Drew Technologies and current ETi President:
  7. Bruce

    Lookee what we found whilst wandering....

  8. Bruce

    VW Jetta Hybrid model? VCDS support?

    From a Sales email: We believe the answer is yes, VCDS can show these parameters. However, to the best of my knowledge, we have not tested one as yet. Perhaps others can comment.
  9. Bruce

    Does VCDS Work on Porsche - Porsche Cayenne?

    VCDS does not support the Porsche brand at this time. The Porsche Cayenne, while sharing some control modules from the VW Touareg, is not considered a supported platform by VCDS. Yes, on the Cayenne, you may be able to "speak" to some modules using VCDS, however we would not recommend it as...
  10. Bruce

    HEX-NET - Is there a limit on the number of smart devices?

    Recent prospect customer emailed and asked: There are no limits to the number of smart devices to which a HEX-NET can be joined... There may be a limit on the number of VINs on which it can be used depending on which of our two HEX-NET products you choose. The Unlimited VIN product will work...
  11. Bruce

    VCDS Options - Your choice of what to buy!

    For some, there is the free version - pay Ross-Tech nothing. (VCDS-Lite Shareware version) (limited in what it can do and limited model year coverage). VCDS-Lite only works with older cars, through roughly model year 2005 that do diagnostic communications via K-Line rather than CAN Bus...