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    CatCon Log- Audi S3

    Trying to asses condition of catalytic converter, although there are no problems. Is there a way to interpret log (see below) in terms of remaining life? IDE00085 IDE01644 IDE06444 ENG101785 Load DS Sensor US Sensor Cat Temp %...
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    Catalytic Conv. Test & Timing Retard

    Cat test: What do these values mean? How is the test initiated? Loc. IDE01873 Loc. IDE01874 Loc. IDE01874 Test of catalytic converter: measured value Test of catalytic converter: measured value Test of catalytic converter: result 0.078 1.078 Test not started OBDII all good, see...
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    Dimming Cluster Lighting

    Post surgery my eyes are unusually sensitive to bright light and contrast is very diminished. I would like to increase daytime brightness of gauge display. The task to make adaptations seems too daunting if just cut and try, too many variables. Maybe someone has info how to at least reduce the...
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    Request: Blockmap: Hex01 CYFB MY S3 or similar

    GTI from 2015-17 probably very similar ;SW:8V0-906-259-H HW:06K-907-425-E --- Engine,,,, ;Component:2.0l R4 TFSI H13 0001, Coding:0A1D00122466000E3004,,, ;EV_ECM20TFS0208V0906259H,1002,EV_ECM20TFS0208V0906259H.rod,, ;Tuesday,7,April,2020,16:34:11:47231 ;VCDS Version: Release 20.4.0 (x64)...
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    Advanced ID - Modules

    I plan to record/save this information for my MY15 MQB car, mainly for the Drivetrain and Chassis modules. Is this information potentially useful to others i.e. should I post it and if so on which forum? All components are OE and no DTCs are indicated.
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    Request for Help Clarity

    Some of the posts are hilarious. Some present the posters life history, much less the car's. Might it be useful to add a suggested format/checklist in Wiki with an optional link button in the new thread screen?
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    ABS Brakes Function Test

    Ia there an indication or quick test to confirm ABS function? My S3 brakes applied so as to provoke ABS on wettish pavement cycle very quickly and make a very subtle hissing noises (pump cycles my guess) . I have no reason to suspect diminished function. Blockmap- 03 includes channel IDE...
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    Seatbelt Warning Disable MY15 S3

    I diasbled the chime on my NAR S3 using the Adaptatuion Module 17. But the coding (0B8D181B7F8800080281E8001800000000000000) has not changed. Not a problem juat a question . A youtube video claims this can be done using Module17;coding; coding assist. A dropdown list arrears where this alarm...
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    Soundactor Quelched- audi S3 8V snd Debug File

    Reduced noise volume from 100->0% using Module A9 Adaptations. That was the only available adaptation option. The screen said channel IDE04472 but I cannot find that channel elsewhere, not that it matters. The sound is more pleasing to my ear as the pitch rises with revs as it should. It is only...
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    How to Read Adpmap- Brake Booster Setting

    I am considering experimenting with amount of brake boost assist but need help reading the settings From f[le :adpmap-03-3Q0-907-379-R_WAUFFRFF8F1141715-20200712-1544.xlsx; MY15 S3 Line: IDE04951-Brake booster 4 1 I infer that booster setting from factory is "4" ? and a possible...
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    List of VAG Chassis Type

    Don't know where this question belongs so I will try here. It would be useful to have a ready chassis list whem viewing submitted scans to sort applicable or not vehicles. Most posters CBAd to include year and model (but attach boring/irrelevant stories). Can someone provide such a list at...
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    Sleep Mode

    I have a narginal battery charger which I sometimes use to scan with VCDS with the engine off. I get 12.4/12V at Terminal 30/15 and after about 10 minutes and slowly falling. The charger (NOCO) is rated 5a at constant 13.6V. The major users are off, at that time except the DRLs and the car's...
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    Function Fail in Session

    Tosayu after successfully saving 1 Adpmap and one Blockmap I tried to access Module 01 for logging but could not get any funcions, all greyed out, but Testand Config still OK . I tried Select, Applications, Autoscan, all very slow then " Module cannot be accesssed" Conditions: Car running...
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    Module 01, Value ENG109007-ENG99938, Spark Efficiency Deviation. Does this have a meaning or just a mistranlation? The % value (16) does not vary with load demand or rpm.
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    Grouping Measuring Values

    I need help to group values from Controllers 01 and 02. My car S3 (8v) is on UDS and there are no DTCs (I have posted comp. Autoscans here) What I did: opened a file DSG.csv in a new VCDS folder, Value Groups. I could only open the new folder from the main screen, not from Select screen and...
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    Satellite Radio-Delete 'MY15 S3

    I did not renew Sirius Radio which came with car, I don't want it (ever). Module 5F Information Radio shows a DTC i.e. Deactivated. H ow do I get rid of the DTC, it ruins a perfect scan as it is the only fault. I don't see anything under Adpmaps to change. Below is the 5F Scan Address 5F...
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    Readings Credible?

    I am logging some values as a base reference for my S3 8v with 33k miles. There are no DTCs, no problems of any kind and passes OBDII Readiness. Are the following readings credible? I include only peak but there are similar others . Speed is low but up a steep hill. |Speed||Normed Load...
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    HEX-V2 firmware update &

    Hello My ID: Reg A855A98B2035 and S/N [redacted] 1. Firmware With the device connected to a PC with Internet but not to the car . I get the correct ID on the About page and the Rev is the latest. On the Options/Test page I get: Port Status :OK Interface: Found Version: Cb 0.4513.4 ;FW 0.256...
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    Oddball Things- Haldex Duty Cycle S3/MQB

    I am curious about reason for the Haldex maintenance interval (3 yrs, not miles) and claims on Audi forums that the Haldex pump fails and filter clogs badly and is not on maintenance schedule. I logged the Haldex pump PWM signal over a 20 min. period in my typical suburban drive at near peak...
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    Power Loss at Higher Elevation -Turbo ICE

    I am doing some logging and wanted to establish a reference point for peak power (MY S3 Audi) The question is how much loss occurs at higher elevation (1100 ft in this case).Google was not useful at all. Many obviously wrong ideas and a few true statements which did not address the question...