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    Good morning Hi guys could someone give some guidance , i had an call to take an look at an A4 which the customer changed the transmission and now had some warning lamps on the dash ,i did an full scan,but after seeing the dtc logged in the TCM 18249 i advice him that the transmission cannot...
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    Daytime Running Lamps Activation (8K A4)

    Good evening Could anyone offer some guidance please i have an client with an AUDI A4 8K on which i am trying to activate the DRL i have tried via the Central Electrics Channel 008 ,but it asks for access code ,how do i go about completing this process. :confused:
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    AUDI Q7 suspension not lowering when switched off

    Hi good afternoon ,I have an 2011 :banghead:S line Q7 which an tech fitted front upper and lower arms and now the customer says the vehicle does not lower it self as before the repairs the vehicle has no ft a and raises and lowers normally from the MMI we have tried an suspension calibration...
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    2014 a3 sri reset

    Sunday,05,June,2016,13:35:00:42721 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20160216 VIN: WAUZZZ8V6E1024612 License Plate: X2001 Mileage: 16597km-10312mi Repair Order...
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    2002 vw cluster renew

    Hi could you please offer some guidance I am working on an 2002 VW golf on which I am in the process of renewing the cluster ,I have completed all the necessary coding and adaptations but for some reason I am un able to match the key, if I check MB channels 21 to 23 the cluster is not locked...
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    Skoda Superb

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    1999 vw aeh convert to vr5

    Hi I am new to this forum ,I need your guidance I have who does some VAG work his latest project is an 99 vw golf on which he swapped out the engine and engine harness which was engine code AEH ,he has now fitted an VR5 engine and harness he as not changed any thing on the inside of the car I...