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    VW Golf 7.5, MY2019 - security code for ABS controller

    ABS unit: Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: None Part No SW: 5Q0 614 517 EF HW: 5Q0 614 517 BP Component: ESC H35 0107 Revision: 00000000 Serial number: xxxx Coding...
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    Audi A3 8V facelift - AUTO HOLD retrofit

    AUTO HOLD has been retrofitted to A3 MY2017, the problem is the coding. Set was bought from k-electronics, but their instructions for coding do not work. Has anyone successfully coded AUTO HOLD retrofit? Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb Part No SW: 8V0 907...
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    Skoda Superb 3 - remote boot opening DEactivation

    Is it possible to deactivate boot opening via remote control? Car has Kessy and electric boot. Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J518) Part No SW: 3Q0 959 435 G HW: 3Q0 959 435 G Component: VWKESSYMQB 037 0906 Revision: 00037000 Coding: 032C0C060F Address 09: Cent. Elect...
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    Interior lighting settings - VW Golf 7 with Discover Pro retrofitted

    After retrofitting Discover Pro MIB2 from VW Passat B8 (3G0035043D) to VW Golf 7 Highline that had Composition Media MIB1 factory fitted a problem with interior illumination has occured. From factory with Composition Media there were three settings under Interior lighting But when upgrading...
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    Audi A3 8P - MY2009 - Leaving Home cannot be deactivated

    While coding Coming Home function something very strange happened: Leaving Home lights started working even though they were not activated and since the car does not have light sensor LH lights activate every time that you unlock the car. Leaving Home lights can be activated through Byte 0/BIT5...
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    VW Passat B8, MY2017 - Dynaudio subwoofer menu disappearing

    On many MY2016 cars Dynaudio subwoofer adjustment menu was disappearing/reappearing from the Car Setup. On a MY2017 car the menu has disappeared and does not appear any more. The car was factory fitted with Dynaudio and subwoofer. Is there any information on which adaptation channel or coding is...
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    Model year 2017 cars - any problems?

    Has anybody had any experience with MY2017 cars, for example Passat B8? I am just checking so that I would not jump to problems as were with MY2016 on 5F unit, when car settings menus disappeared after doing modifications.
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    Adaptation Channel map - optimization

    Is there a way in VCDS to get adaptation channel maps of all modules in the car with just one command/action? Currently we have to manually trigger (through ad. channel map command) mapping of every module separately, which can be really time consuming with some newer cars, because some ad...
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    ESP full disable - VW Polo GTI 2011

    Is there any possibility to get dual ESP deactivation (ESP OFF button short press ASR off and ESP OFF button long press ESP off) on VW Polo GTI MY2011. Full autoscan: Thursday,10,December,2015,17:53:21:46154 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8.1 x64 VCDS Version:
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    Retrofitting footwell, door warning and puddle light to Octavia 2 MY2016

    I would like to retrofit footwell lights, door warning lights and puddle (boarding) lights to Octavia III (sorry for the mistake in the heading) 1.6 TDI, MY2016. I have one question regarding physical connection of door warning lights and puddle lights. I already found a case of retrofiting...
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    Golf 7 - Discover Media and Traffic Sign Recognition

    Does anyone have an access to VW Golf 7 with factory fitted Discover Media and Traffic Sign Recognition system. It is possible to order such configuration in Germany, but sadly not in our country. I would be very interested and thankfull for adaptation channel maps from such car. This request is...
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    Control Module Maps in new VCDS version

    I tried to do Control Module Maps for cars that had missing label files and I followed this instructions (as also in the past with older SW versions): (so, debug level 2, etc.). But in the newest VCDS version, I did not get any pla or...
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    RNS315 to Skoda Rapid retrofit - one problem

    RNS315 was retrofitted to Skoda Rapid. 37-Navigation was enabled on CAN Gateway and almost all works ok. - navigation data is shown on MFD; also navigation instructions - Phone menu in MFD is activated and everything works great (though, still waiting for microfon to test also this function...
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    VW Golf 7 - Lane Assist - is it possible to prolonge driver inactivity time?

    The car is VW Golf 7 model year 2015, with factory installed Lane Assist. I was looking at A5 front camera adaptation channels and there is channel Directional stabilization assist driver inact deactiv threshold. I tried changing it to late, but I get Out of range error. Is there any workaround...
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    Skoda Superb 2 - cruise control display activation

    I had a case with two Skoda Superb 2, one MY2011 and the second one MY2012. Both have the same instrument cluster with part nr.: 3T1 920 841 H On both adaptation channel for cruise control display is present, but on first cruise control speed is shown in Maxi DOT and on the second not. I...
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    Security access code for module 44 Steering Assist on Skoda Rapid

    Does anyone have security access code for module 44 Steering Assist on Skoda Rapid? I would like to change to comfort mode, but it requires access code. Address 44: Steering Assist (J792) Labels: Redir Fail! Part No SW: 6R1 909 144 P HW: 6R1 909 144 E Component: EPS_TRW_ALow 311...
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    Start/stop permanent deactivation VW Sharan 7N

    Is it possible to permanently deactivate start/stop system on Sharan 7N MY2014? Would maybe the solution for MQB platform work (tweaking start/stop settings on CAN gateway)?