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    HexNet working on Mac OS

    This may be an uneducated question, but am I going to be able to use the full version and potential of hexnet (making changes to soft coding) all that type of stuff using my Mac? Or am I going to have to buy a PC? Thanks in advance
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    2009 Audi A4 Avant, getting fault codes that say

    2 Faults Found: 005582 - ROD - Unknown faultcode 002822 - ROD - Unknown faultcode Any ideas, on why it says Unknown faultcode, and also where I can find exactly what they mean? Thanks for any help!
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    With my VCDS HexNetConfig no matter how many times I update it

    Im not sure why it is doing this, as when I do it no numbers change. If you have any idea why let me know please, thanks! CB: 0.4215 FW: 0.223 CFB: 0.9 BL: 0.27 DS: 00000035
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    Retracting electric break calipers to facilitate break caliper replacement

    Is this even possible or not? Its on a 2009 audi a6 I have the HexNet on my Mac