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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    "Biden said, "We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers." Yes, that's an exact quote taken from the official transcript. If that's not a clear admission that these vaccines don't protect the vaccinated, I don't know what is." Is it too simple to say that the above...
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    What can I do here?

    I need the same exact sequence (MQB platform). VCDS is not recognized if the sequence is altered. I thought the problem might be in the connections themselves at first and wasted time. It's funny that this procedure is not given in the Manual (or I couldn't find it). It may seem obvious to the...
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    Bleeding ABS with Ross-Tech

    Don't know if this would help with your particular need but I have found that hard application on a thoroughly wet road will activate ABS, particularly on a slope. Car is quattro. I was asking for advice how to test ABS but got no responses.
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    Just another VAG nut with anti-social coding complex

    I have a convenient and safe hill (~ 8%) near home which sees my occasional Italian tuneups (just to confirm engine OK on full demand). Subjectively delaying flooring the gas just a few 100s rpm until about 1700 rpm after an immediate sharp turn (? 1300rpm) seems smoother and not slower. But...
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    Golf MK7 - Misfire Diagnostics

    I have no idea about your misfire q's but I have similar ones (q's) to which I have not been able to find answers or even mention. For my CYFB engine of similar mileage and vintage I get: IDE01975 Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 1 0; 3; 11 IDE01976 Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 2 0...
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    CatCon Log- Audi S3

    Trying to asses condition of catalytic converter, although there are no problems. Is there a way to interpret log (see below) in terms of remaining life? IDE00085 IDE01644 IDE06444 ENG101785 Load DS Sensor US Sensor Cat Temp %...
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    Vehicle Diagnostic Protection SFD

    However, a goodly number of enthusiasts buy it to do actual diagnostics, i.e. read fault codes, look at measuring values, etc, and that is functionality that isn't blocked by SFD I wish that this were in fact true but it is hard to know accurately. My main use of the tool is to forestall trouble...
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    2013 Golf 1.4TSI P334B

    Could it possibly be something as silly as not having the gearbox in P?
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    ... it was funny to me....

    Ha ha! Things must be "smooth" for Bernie's law to work reasonably well.
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    Coal Cracker Good to hear that there are no hard feelings and I wish you the best. I certainly could have chosen more diplomatic words but then we would have missed the excitement.:)
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    Measuring Values window launched from Basic Settings lacks Group UDS options

    I had similar problem which was compounded by my belief that it was my fault as I was a completely new to VCDS. Workaround as you say. When I replaced the laptop by current DELL model the "problem" largely went away.
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    I'm sorry if I bruised your feelings. That was not my intent as I said before. The criticism is about a particular post and not about you. I did not call names or imply anything more than that if your post was careless how to think about other advice you may offer. Truce?
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    My post was a criticism of the way the message was presented not an attack on the person. My purpose was to promote clear communication b/c I browse through the posts and find many helpful if I can comprehend. Your interpretation of the post is a very big stretch. How exactly should the pulling...
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    I do not consider my comment to be an attack rather encouragement to take a little more care. I could not understand vwtech's comment. What is the gist of his post?
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    If you can't be bothered with spelling or complete sentences what should we assume about your advice?
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    Aim Headlights 2008 Touareg

    A naive question if I may. Module 55 code is in decimal. You provide a hex conversion which might (you suggest) provide more information. Is the module in fact coded in hex and the decimal version is for convenience of some kind? I couldn't find an explanation in the interactive manual. Thanks.
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    Understanding Adaption Channel Maps

    I had asked what the 3rd field in the Adpmap signified in the past and the answer was byte qty. The salient point for a user (new user yet) is that there is no point as explained below post. You have to state the question precisely is the lesson learned. Pedantic yes but you might find it amusing.
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    Hex-V2 Not able to update or register

    Sorry you got stung. Not helpful now but the rough extrusion is a give-away that this is not a standard product.
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    Catalytic Conv. Test & Timing Retard

    Cat test: What do these values mean? How is the test initiated? Loc. IDE01873 Loc. IDE01874 Loc. IDE01874 Test of catalytic converter: measured value Test of catalytic converter: measured value Test of catalytic converter: result 0.078 1.078 Test not started OBDII all good, see...
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    2016 golf 1.8l overheating intermittent

    No doubt there is a history of Audi cooling equipment failures, pumps & thermostats and perhaps mostly due to design. But I wonder if there is not another contribution (a small one) that seems to happen to my S3 which is in top shape. I need to add <100ml every 12 months or so but the cooling...