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    2006 audi a6 parking brake warning on dash

    i have a code. 02443 says electrical fault in system
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    2007 audi a8 ABS module bad?

    looking to get some feedback. here what im getting ... Monday,01,February,2016,09:37:18:49302 VCDS Version: Release 15.7.3 (x64) Running on Windows 7 x64 Address 53: Parking Brake Labels: 4E0-910-801.clb Control Module Part Number: 4E0 910 801 C HW...
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    mk4 gti vr6 6 speed manual/ speedometer not working

    i am going crazy with this car. i cant find out why the speedometer is not working. My gas gauge is working fine. I think my sensor is good since i went into measuring blocks and speed was reading ? i dont have any codes on abs codes other than the ones below located in the "radio" module...
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    mk4 gti tranny swap EYP to FDC

    have a 2003 vw gti with a 1.8t . it has a bad EYP auto trans. (tiptronic ) i have a FDC auto trans (non tiptronic) came out of a beetle 1.8t i would like to install it, dont care about the tiptronic. would i just need a different trans module? (aka trans computer )? anybody try this? any...
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    q7 air suspension leak

    Hello, just got the car 4 days ago. 2007 q7 4.2 the main problem is..... Front Driver wheel airbag is lower than the rest when left overnight.... Im going to say this is a leak. I did have a code that said "air leak detected in system" 9or something along those lines) i was in the proccess...