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    Audi Motorsports news
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    Rechargable test light!

    Wow, a rechargeable test light!! :D
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    Chevrolet BOLT recall (all of them!)

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    Having a Bad (automotive) Day !

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    VW news regarding Motorsports
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    Special Version?

    Was doing some updating today ; looks like I have a "special version" ! :thumbs:
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    Here is Your Chance Gang!
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    GM Product Safety Recall A212335470 Mispositioned Emergency Jack May Not SupportVehicle Now, I know what your thinking ; this just looks like a typical safety recall........ What am I so amused about..... Well, so I don't spoil the effect: page one describes "Mispositioned" jack etc. etc. ...
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    A message from the Peoples Republic of California

    I realize many of the members here are not "into" tuning, but this could easily develop into a slippery slope (ie..... buy an EV!)...
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    And on a "Lighter" note !

    (note 1:30)
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    Future VCDS (with SFD capability)

    When the new Hex-Net comes out , with SFD capabilities, it should be a special color ; to celebrate!
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    German EV Startup
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    Ford Mustang (All Electric) 1400 cobra jet , New NHRA Record
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    New YouTube Video (Ross-Tech) Hex-Net "getting Registered"

    Getting Registered with Hex-Net (Ross-Tech) HERE.
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    Audi EV's and Towing
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    General "memory" (basic setting or coding lost) Question

    I've read several threads where as Bruce commented here that when ever a Instrument cluster or (I think) a ABS unit is physically disconnected the coding or, in this case, the basic settings are lost for one or both units ; why is that? Many times the power / battery is disconnected from the...
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    Decoding a VIN , (VW also)

    Source : Thought this may be helpful for those reading Auto-scans where the Year, Make, and Model, in the post/thread, is not stated. Decoding a Sample VIN The infographic below provides a simplified look at a sample VIN. Keep in mind that vehicles manufactured before 1981...
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    Heads Up !