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    VW Polo 2016 1.2TSi hand break assist can it be disabled? Learner driver instructor car.

    This is my wife’s car and it crops up from now and then on driving lessons depending on the driver and it really can be jerky and rather than learning properly the learners rely on it. can it be coded out? thanks as always Rich.
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    Audi A6 C6 refused to start and after 10 mins wait then did,also flagged ESP fault

    i drove the car for about 30 miles stopped for a few hours then drove again for about a mile and stopped for 10 mins (at 21.45 ish 11th July), then it wouldn't start engine turned over for about 3 seconds and didn't fire up, tried removing key and locking car and no luck, left key in ignition...
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    SRI reset doesnt remove service reminder on DIS.

    Long story short. I have taken my cars to the same garage for the past 7 years and sent it in for a service and didnt realise it had been taken over until the work had been done. so car came back serviced but the service light on the DIS showed. he said it would disapear after a while. i didnt...