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  1. Glyn

    Electric swivel towbar retrofit

    Please see below
  2. Glyn

    WSC removal

    Hi, during a coding of a towbar ecu I updated the workshop, importer and equipment number code thinking it was because I had all 0’s in there. I have now realised this may of been a bit of a mistake, is it possible to reset these parameters back to 0’s stealth mode?
  3. Glyn


    Seat Ateca FR Sport 2019 UK spec I have just completed a retro fit of a electric swivelling towbar including factory wiring and ecu, I have coded all as required and is working as it should apart from the button switch to unlock the towbar, I believe this is due to the fact that the ecu...
  4. Glyn

    Seat Ateca swivelling towbar

    Prior to me placing an order for a Ross-tec VCDS I wanted to get some advice. I am taking delivery of a Seat Ateca FR Sport model year 2019 today and have acquired a new genuine swivelling towbar including wiring harness and control ecu, “so essentially factory fit” Whilst fitting all this is...