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  1. romad

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    It is just the fact that since digest post notification has been a standard of all forums I've been on for the last 15 - 20 years, that I'm surprised it wasn't included from the get go by this software vendor. As for email software, I still miss Eudora and have always found to be...
  2. romad

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Bummer. Very poor software design. vBulletin is better, but probably more expensive to license.
  3. romad

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Any update, Santos?
  4. romad

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Old forum. I'd been deleting the individual emails unread until I realized the daily update was no longer coming. I prefer that as clicking the link would take me directly to the forum so I could read all the new posts at one sitting. With the individual emails I have to stop what I'm doing to...
  5. romad

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Well, I used a 425 x 425 pixel JPEG but it is still blurred. Would using a png file work better? Edit: Disregard. It turns out the avatar is sharp AFTER you actually post your message; it is still blurry next to the "Write your reply..." section. On another topic, I used to receive one email...
  6. romad

    Hex-Net do basic functions for non-VW car?

    My Toyota Prius check engine light came on. Can I use to the Hex-Net to get the code? Also, can the Hex-Net be used to check the readiness indicators? This will be the first year I have to have it smogged but it is the same as my TDI: OBD II check only. All readiness indicators must be set or it...
  7. romad

    Possible to run VCDS?

    I just saw this new $99 Win10 PC I wonder if it is possible to use it with VCDS? The only drawback I see is you have to get the Kangaroo Dock to have the VCDS cable and a display connected at the same time.
  8. romad

    Error in Hex-Net Beta Forum

    I was alerted to new posts in the forum so I went there. When I clicked on this new thread, I received this error: romad, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page...
  9. romad

    Can't remember password

    I went to update my Hex-Net firmware but I can't remember the password and the one I thought I'd saved in 1Password doesn't work. So what do I do now? :(
  10. romad

    Case for Hex-Net and cables

    I found this on close-out at my local Radio Shack for about $8.00. It holds the Hex-Net, the extension cable, and the USB cable.
  11. romad

    Hex-Net lost network settings

    The IP address is reading again and when I go through the Configure WiFi steps, it never picks up an I.P. address from my network. I've tried deleting the configuration and running it again, but the I.P. address stays at What do I do?
  12. romad

    HEX-NET drops WiFi/Internet connections randomly

    I was using it today to see if I could change something. I parked my Jetta by my house, left the ignition in "On" position (not "Run") with the HEX-NET plugged into the port. I went into my house and connected to the HEX-NET using Firefox 27.0.1 0n my iMac running Mac OS 10.7.5. I was able to...
  13. romad

    VCDS Cloud setup/registration?

    The video says (at the 3:01 mark) that after setting up an infrastructure mode profile I'll be taken to VCDS Cloud to set up an account. However, I wasn't. How do I do this? The weird thing is that while looking at the saved Auto-Scan file from my AP session, it said it had not been uploaded. I...
  14. romad

    Estimated Data Usage?

    Anyone have an estimation of what might be the amount of data used for updates, VCDS Cloud connections, etc? I'm trying to figure out if I should get a dataplan for my iPad so I can use it to connect away from home and have full capability. My iPhone plan doesn't allow it to be used as a hotspot...
  15. romad

    WiFi Configuration & VCDS-Mobile app Questions

    My Hex-Net is due to be delivered by 8:00 P.M. PST today, 27 Feb 14 so I was viewing the videos. The one covering Infrastructure Mode said to go to the downloads page and download a WiFi configuration app to my computer. I went there but it only lists VCDS Release 12.12.2 and VCDS-Lite 1.2...
  16. romad

    Hex-Net PDF Manual?

    I just ordered the Hex-Net and was wondering if there was a PDF manual for it that I could download and study while waiting for the Hex-Net to arrive. I did dl the standard VCDS manual already.
  17. romad

    How to buy Hex-Net?

    When is February 10th scheduled to be in Pennsylvania? ;) Seriously, it is 2 P.M. on February 10, 2014 in California (5:00 P.M. in Pennsylvania) as I write this and I have STILL been unable to place an order because there isn't a way to add either of the Hex-Net products to the basket. I've...