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    Will a SSD "hard drive" work?

    I have been using VCDS software (HEX-USB v21.3.0 x64) on my PC Laptop for a long time. The laptop has a traditional spinning hard drive in it. I have recently moved to a new laptop that only has a SSD "hard drive" in it. Can I install the VCDS software on this laptop and will it work as before?
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    How to correlate wiring diagram references to part numbers

    I am reasonably new to this so maybe I missed this somwhere along the line but is there a way to correlate wiring diagram reference, for example J393, to part numbers? thanks -- Ted
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    2005 A8L - How to unlock the telephone

    This is not a retrofit. The car originally had Bluetooth capability but it does not have the telephone installed. The Bluetooth function was working. I was able to connect my Samsung S6, dial a call, and hear the person on the other end. The issue was they could not hear me. I was problem...
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    What is a mute-wire and should it be active or inactive

    I am relatively new to using the the VCDS but my biggest problem is understanding 95% of the terms used. For example, what is the wire-mute and should I set it to be active or inactive? It took me a little while to figure out what needles and scales were but how do I find out if I have Parking...
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    2005 Audi A8L - Coding #07 Control Head

    Here is my latest auto scan. I am having difficulty getting the programming of the #07 Control Head correct. In the scan I have included the 1st 24 adaptation channels from the #07 Control Head. Does anyone see anything obviously wrong? One thing seemed odd to me; channels 09, 10, 12, 18...
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    2005 A8L - CAN Gateway and 07 Control Head Programming

    This is my first use of the Ross-Tech VCDS and the first post in any forum. Below is the latest Auto-Scan on my 2005 A8L. I had a used engine installed in January so I am not too worried about the engine fault codes right now. I am trying to figure out how to program the #19 CAN Gateway...