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    Audi B8.5 S4 DSG Clutch Adaption Process

    Hello, Looking for feedback on what the current release shows in regards to a message when the Clutch Adaption process in complete. I have read you need to drive 1-3 hours, drive in 5th gear for 20 mins and then 6th gear for 25mins and will see multiple changes in status throughout, I...
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    New User - Looking for help clearing a Software Code

    Hello everyone :) Every since I updated my MMI Software and Maps, I have the below code. I have included it on top of my full scan below, any assistance in clearing this would be greatly appreciated! Cheers :) Tuesday,13,April,2021,17:06:59:14367 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running...
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    Force Readiness - 2016 S4

    Looking to see if anyone has a command list or step by step for this? I live within the city of Denver and all the drive cycles I have found are near impossible to compete. Thanks!