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  1. dnoermann

    7N0907572C ACC Measuring Values not Showing everything

    With the 7N0907572C ACC there is a Bug in showing some Measuring Values regarding SWaP Codes. The Channels for "Status off all SWaP functions ...*" are only showing the Values for One Swap Code. But as the Name already Points out: "all", behind this channel are more channels for every possible...
  2. dnoermann

    VCDS will not Start any more

    Hallo at all. Some Weeks ago it occured that on my Laptop that worked the last years perfectly, when i Start VCDS, nothing happend. Since i had German Version installed, too, i started that, and it worked. One Day later German Version did not work, too. When i start VCDS i shortly see it in...
  3. dnoermann

    Injection amount ajustment EDC17

    Hallo @all For some Tests we are changing an EDC17CP20 to a different one. (CAAB to CAAC) With immobilizer and other stuff i am good. But i read that the Values for Injection ammount need to be transferend, too. Can this be done with VCDS ? They can be read in measure values i think ...
  4. dnoermann

    Transporter T5 GP retrofit BCM from T6 ==> instrument lighting is fading in and out

    Transporter T5 GP retrofit BCM from T6 ==> instrument lighting is fading in and out Hallo @ all, i retrofitet the BCM from a T6 into a T5 GP. I changed - 7H0 937 090 B BCM PQ25 Max4 H74 0712 to - 7E0 937 090 C BCM PQ25 Max4 H82 0752 Everything is working whell, but the "instrument lighting"...
  5. dnoermann

    BCM PQ25 LongCoding "CAN-Powertrain Loop active"

    Hallo, what does this setting "CAN-Powertrain Loop active" in Bit 5 of Byte 25 of the BCM PQ25 mean ? I am aware that the Gateway is included in the BCM, so i assume this setting hase something todo with the Gateway ? But what exactly will it do ? Greats Dennis
  6. dnoermann

    Transporter T5 GP retrofit Mk100 ABS from T6

    Hallo @all. I am retrofitting the ABS from the T6 back into my T5 GP. To do this i analysed about 50 Autoscans from T6 to understand the Coding. My findings i already posted here...
  7. dnoermann

    Search not finding everything

    Hallo i have a bug to report. While searching for Autoscans i encountered an error. Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels:. 7H0-937-08x-09.clb Part No SW: 7H0 937 088 HW: 7H0 937 088 Component: BCM T5GP Re4 H50 0353 When i try to find this: Searching for "7H0 937 088"...
  8. dnoermann

    Transporter T5 GP BCM PQ25 disable internal Gateway and SMLS

    Hallo @ all, here is some question for the real cracks :) I am working on retrofiting ACC from the Passat B6/B7 into Transporter T5 GP. (2010-2015) Among with the other problems that i had to overcome i am now facing a problem with the integrated SMLS inside the PQ25 BCM of the T5. The ACC...