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    Seat Leon Remote control learning

    Hi guys Got a Seat Leon 2009 PQ35 BCM that won't allow me to learn a new remote, infact none of the remotes are working. When I click Test/Save it won't allow any number to save. Is there something I am doing wrong?? Scan below. Saturday,25,May,2019,18:32:49:58300 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    Rear window heater/defogger not working

    Hi I'm out of ideas. I've realised that my rear window heater isn't working. When I click on the button it lights up for about 1 second and switches off. So far I've checked all connections and coding, latest scan here...
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    Retrofit 3Q0 ABS Pump

    Greetings Please ignore all errors as the car has a flat battery and was involved in an accident and is being charged up. I'll post a proper scan when I've finished the body repairs. It is a 2014 Golf MK7 that has Part No SW: 5Q0 907 379 AB HW: 5Q0 907 379 H ABS pump which I'm pretty sure...
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    Golf Mk7 Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    Hi Guys I've finally completed (I think I have) my retrofitting on this car. I am having trouble with the rear cross traffic alert working. I am not seeing the display change to show the sensors on the park pilot screen. Can anyone please advise what I've missed in the coding? Thank you...
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    Seat Leon 2017 Cluster Retrofit

    Hi Guys Anyone have the pin outs for the 2017 Seat Leon FR cluster. I am swapping the 2016 version with the blue 32pin connector to the newer version but the plug is different. I've checked Elsa but it appears I don't have the pages for the instrument cluster. Can anyone help?
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    A5 Lane Assist (Retrofit Mk.7 Golf)

    I am new. I have retrofitted a lane assist camera into my Golf Mk7 but my VCDS scan keeps on saying "no basic settings". If I clear the DTC's it works perfectly, but once I turn the car off and then back on the error returns.? Anyone help? Thanks