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  1. Milan


    Hello guys, it is a VW Passat 2016 2.0 TDI European version, I just am wondering if there is a possibility to activate rear lights with DRLs. Any help is very much appreciated Kind Regards Milan
  2. Milan

    Motor for intake manifold flap V157

    Hello, I have got an Audi A6 2008 and there is an issue with motor for intake manifold flap V157,as soon as I turn the ignition key on there is constant sound from it (is it normal) also engine management light was on I have cleared it and it looks ok for now but I am worried it comes sooner or...
  3. Milan


    Hello, I am trying to do rear brake pads on Passat 2015 and I know that I have to wind electronicaly rear brake caliper pistons back, I have followed the procedure I read on your forum first step from main page SELECT and I can see all the modules installed on the car however there is not...
  4. Milan


    Hello, how can I program a remote control on audi A3 2014 after replacing car battery? Thanks Milan
  5. Milan


    Hello There, Hope you are all well, I have a issue with VW TOUAREG 2013 Regarding hand brake EPB, Please see the faults below,any help is very much appreciated, Tuesday,30,May,2017,17:25:14:05172 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: HEX-NET...
  6. Milan

    Sweeping indicators

    Hello guys, I am just wondering if I could get an advice regarding sweeping indicators on some VW/AUDI cars, Basically I have some VW/AUDI 2015 and 2016 , Some of them come with sweeping indicators but some of them not, Is it possible to disable and enable this function with VCDS or the...