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  1. DJAlix

    About the new Long Coding Method...

    Updated VCDS to find that the Long Coding method seems to have been redesigned. Have not needed to use long coding in anger until yesterday, and while trying to complete a retrofit I found the new process to be very frustrating and indeed counter intuitive. While you can still select bytes they...
  2. DJAlix

    Security Access Code for 14: Susp. Elect. - Audi MQB

    Was wondering if anyone might know a security access code for 14: Susp. Elect. on the Audi A/S3 8V? Many thanks in advance for any help!
  3. DJAlix

    A3 8V Door Entry / Puddle Lights Retrofit

    Am in the process of working out whats needed for retrofitting these lights and from doing some reading around the internet it would seem that installing lights in to the front door is not an issue, however us A3 8V people cannot seem to access our rear door modules to be able to code them. I...
  4. DJAlix

    Audi A3 8V MMI Developer Mode

    I am trying to activate Developer Mode on my MMI unit however "Request Out of Range" is being returned when I try to set the adaptation to Active, both with Engine On and Off. I was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest how to Activate this? Thursday,03,September,2015,13:36:23:21835...
  5. DJAlix

    Audi A3 8V Rain and Light Sensor Retrofit

    Hi there, Have just retrofitted a Rain, Light and Humidity Sensor (8U0 955 559 B) in place of my standard Humidity Sensor (8U0 955 559) in order to code up Auto Lights and Automatic Coming Home / Leaving Lights. I also changed my standard light switch to one with an Auto position. On testing...