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    A3 BKD non start no fault codes no injector pulse

    Hi all I have a A3 giving me the run around. Its a non start no codes reported. and no injector signal. I have cam shaft signal and crank signal at ECU. I could do with a Known good scope pattern to compare synchronisation with. Both are hall sensors, giving a clear signal. basic checks done...
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    ESP lost long coding vw MOVE UP AUTO

    Hi I have a VW MOVE UP the customer has removed the dash while performing crash repairs and has lost the long coding from ESP. is there any way to obtain this other than online. many thanks david Wednesday,09,December,2015,14:19:03:27945 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    How rude starting post and havent introduced my self

    Hi Im Purdy. a man of spanners and scanners here in good old blighty (that's the UK for you Americans). I hope to be of help if I can.
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    In a pickle with steering reset golf Mk5

    original job was to replace failed steering lock and barrel so we have striped down the column to do this. very carful removing steering column controller. clock spring, rotation sensor. all clicks back in to place loverly. start the car ESP and steering lights on. not a problem start the car...