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    Interface issue

    I was having a tidy up and came across my second interface from Ilexa but I cannot seem to connect to a 2021 Etron whats wrong ?:) The real question is at 70 plus do I invest in VCDS number 4? Regards HMC Edit. i don't know what I am doing wrong to get the image to display??
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    Is there something wrong with the WIKI ? I haven't been able to access it for several days. Regards HMC
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    2013 Q7 J519 question

    Hi Everyone, I hope a simple question, I need to replace the J519 Onboard Supply Control Unit because of a supply loss to the R/H headlamp on T10a/4. What I need to know is if Component Protection will kick in on this unit? Regards HMC Tuesday,10,December,2019,13:07:14:00974 VCDS -- Windows...
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    2015 Scirroco Stop Start disable

    Does anyone have any magic to disable the stop/start on this Scirroco? Regards HMC Tuesday,14,May,2019,11:32:27:00974 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version: 20190114 DS296.0 Dealer/Shop Name: Harvey Motorcare...
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    2006 Crafter service reset

    Hi Everyone, I am struggling to reset the service indicator, here is the admap@ SW:9069015200 HW:9069015200 --- LT3 Instruments Component: Coding: 32 788 CRFT_KOMBI_32_788.rod Monday 8 October 2018 11:27:30:00974 VCDS Version: Release 18.9.0 Data version: 20180927...
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    2014 Caddy BT telephone module location

    Hi Everyone, This 2014 Caddy arrived with the customer saying his phone had stopped working with the vehicle. It looks like the BT module has died but I cannot find it. It is not under the seats, centre console or behind the glovebox, does anyone know where it is? Scan below. Regards HMC...