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    Basic setting on sterling angle 2016 a3

    Hi guys I've a car comin later, I've not seen it yet its from another garage, there telling me it's askin for a 1 to 3 digit code. 2016 audi a3. The steering rack has been replaced, I've no log codes as vehicle not with me till later? Any 1 any ideas?
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    Esp/steering angle fault

    Hi guys, had an issue with the slip ring, buttons on steering wheel weren't working and air bag light on, so fitted new slip ring. Now can't set esp. I've coded (16) to orignal code. Any help appreciated
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    VW Sharan 7n.

    Hi all, I'm wondering if any 1 would have an abs module code. Some 1 has changed it now tyre pressure light is showing.. Thanks
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    T5 transporter

    Hi all . Have a code of p1664. Injector control unit. Cant find code on wiki. Any 1 ever have this. When the van is left to cool it seems to start and run. But when it warms up glow plug light comes on then cuts out. Also 4 interim faults with injectors. Any help appreciated. Btw loom in head...