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    Sherline 5400 mill

    Inspired by Jerry Kieffer's comments in another forum, I purchased a Sherline 5400 instead of a dedicated bushing tool. The first modification is an LED task light. Using some old clock brass, I milled a plate and attached a 12V LED grid to help my old eyes see the work. An old wall transformer...
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    9 volt battery safety

    Many of us just changed our smoke detector batteries when daylight saving time ended. Please use caution with disposing of them. This year I'm giving every household in my family a roll of electrical tape for Christmas...
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    If you do any kind of fine work or just don't have the eyesight you did 20 years ago, run don't walk to get one of these. Best $50 I've spent in eons and it works over glasses ! Just got done soldering a bunch of upgrades into my MicroSet timer and wowza. The 14" version is perfect at 1.75X for...
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    I'm greeted by this every morning, and have two of them in my office. It's good advice we can all use no matter what we do.
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    What books are you reading ?

    Last week I read Anthem - Ayn Rand The Art of War - Sun Tzu My Life in France - Julia Child Longitude - Dava Sobel Just finished Self-Reliance - Ralph Waldo Emerson Starting Walden: Life in the Woods - Henry David Thoreau Next The Steve Jobs Way - Elliot and Simon As Always, Julia - Julia...
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    Viva Ross-Vegas !

    How's AAPEX going folks ? Anybody put a nickel in a slot machine and win me a million dollars yet ? For those who didn't receive said nickels, please subtract it from my winnings :p
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    Audi ist dem Marder auf der Spur

    I'm not getting the full gist of it with my decidedly ancient German, but it's a cute video about Qualitätssicherung.
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    Loran making a comeback, sort of See also Now.... if we could just teach these young whippersnappers how to use a sextant and sea watch.
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    It is officially winter at my house

    Today the high we be 7, and it doesn't look like it's going to stay substantially warm Like every Autumn, I swapped all the LED bulbs back to incandescent. The LED save on cooling in the summer and the incans provide additional heat in the winter, using lamps that are already on. This idea...
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    Warning labels for stupid people

    Ya know... this bread tastes funny and keeps shorting out my toaster... can't believe it doesn't have a warning label :rolleyes:
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    Word of the day

    I am always in pursuit of learning and constantly look up words to ensure the correct meaning. For decades an enormous tome sat on my desk - The Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary. The current edition of 2,264 pages weighs in at almost 4 kilos. Once in a while I run across some...
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    Survival coffee

    One year supply my ass... that's about two months for me. Or two weeks for Uwe :p
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    One gets you the other...

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    Ridiculous questions

    I've seen some real whoppers... but this is the current winner.
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    HexNetConfig java WiFi Utility on a Mac

    Last night I upgraded to a soon to be released version of Mac OS X. Today testing the last of the applications I tried the WiFi utility and got the following error: It works perfectly from the command line by issuing java -jar HexNetConfigV1.9.jar in Terminal. Wanted to pass this along as...
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    Bruges beer pipeline

    Bruges Will Cut Traffic With…an Underground Beer Pipeline: Very funny video in this article Bruggelingen krijgen tapkraantje als compensatie voor hinder door bierleiding Now where do I sign up for this ?!?!?!??
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    Wall clocks

    Been shopping for Weihnachtspyramiden today and it got me thinking about the cuckoo clock I had imported for my dear Oma. We recently restored it to full working order, and I'd like to have a quality pendulum wall clock myself. Must haves mechanical movement solid wood, no cheap veneers...
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    Now THIS is a retrofit

    And only $4,599 too !
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    For the discerning home cook

    I call mine DogDog
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    GPS Time

    Thread split Let's split this off at Jason's response please since I've taken Flaps' thread way off topic.