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    USB-Interface ID-backup?

    Hello I was quite unlucky when I had my precious vag-com cable in my computer bag on a ship over night, the next morning the ship was under sea... :banghead: I think managed to clean up the cable (yet to try it on a car, but VCDS recognizes it) but I'm afraid it'll die sooner or later. Is...
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    PLA1.5 retrofit golf mk6

    Hello Trying to retrofit PLA1.5 to my 2009 golf mk6, but I encountered some issues while programming the ABS-module. What I'm trying to do is enabling bit 0 on byte 17 in the abs-module but I'm just getting a coding rejected/out of range error message. I've set "installation park steer assist"...
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    Transporter T5 wipers not stopping (sort of)

    Hello Got a slight issue on a 2005 Transporter T5, and since M.O.T is coming up I need this sorted. The problem is that the wipers starts at stage 1 speed as soon as I turn the ignition on. The interval function dose not work, stage 2 however does (wiper speeds up). Putting the wiper stalk in...
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    VW Transporter T5 2005, permanent driving lights?

    Hello Got a 2005 model Transporter T5 which was imported form Germany. In germany they're allowed to drive without any lights at day time, this is not the case in norway. Does anyone know whats involved making the driving lights and parking lights light up while the light switch is in...
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    Golf MK6 Bi-Xenon with LED DRL and AFS retrofitted

    Hello First of all, the intent of this thread is mainly for an informational purpose from my side. I've recently retrofitted Bi-Xenon with LED DRL and AFS to my Golf Mk6, MY- 09. Car was originally fitted with halogen headlamps, euro headlight switch and RLS. Wiring is done the same way as...