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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    I won't waste forum space on why those statistics are incorrect and the truth is probably the reverse, but if you want to know listen to the start of this Regards HMC
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    Cat Converters (2003 Audi A4)

    "Also in the us. Which side is bank 1 and bank 2? I see both online. I thought bank 1 was my drivers. But now i read its passenger?" Bank 1 is the bank with number 1 cylinder in? Regards HMC
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    Just another VAG nut with anti-social coding complex

    The reason I would not thrash a cold engine is because even with modern multigrades, the viscosity might not be at optimum, the fueling will not be at optimum compared with an engine at correct running temperature, but most importantly all the components in the power train can be affected by...
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    Rough Idle / Coughs / Dies

    Actually, I meant block the PCV system because when the oil is full of petrol the vapour gets sucked into the induction and thus richens the mixture. Regards HMC
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    Rough Idle / Coughs / Dies

    Before you throw more money at it, you could just change the oil and maybe block off the crankcase ventilation system for a test. if you get the car hot and drain the oil you will know by the smell if it petrol contaminated. Regards HMC
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    Rough Idle / Coughs / Dies

    Remember this? Regards HMC
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    SKODA Octavia Mk2 (Indian version of LAURA type 2) not starting

    Hi Diva, Is it possible the ECU has been tampered with? I am wondering if a "tuner" has disabled the DTC reporting. You need to start physically testing, Have you checked fuel pressure and flow with gauges or are you just relying on data, have you checked if the injectors are powered and...
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    2004 W8 Phaeton Kessy and Airport Interference?!

    I have heard this (anecdotally) several times about different vehicles, with body controllers being kept awake by spurious signals and flattening batteries. People have found that parking in a different place has solved their flat battery woes. I vaguely remember that Land Rover modified an...
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    Golf 6 CAYC - Accelerator Position Sensor 1/2

    Hi Drex, I would suggest you log the voltages with an oscilloscope, as the the drop out may be too quick for the ECU to display. Regards HMC
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    2006 Jetta TDI, P0113 Intake Air Temp Sensor Code

    Yes, it is possible the O2 sensor is on it's way out, but it is also possible the engine management needs to fully adapt after the previous fault. I would drive it and see what happens. If you wanted an aging O2 sensor test may be available or "reset adaptions" may also be available. Regards HMC
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    Walnut Blasting

    Yes! Regards HMC
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    What part is this?

    Join the 2 wires together, if you cannot do it at the connector (best) cut and bare the wires and join them, see if the bonnet light come on and the oil light goes off. Regards HMC
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    2012 VW Polo 1.2 TDi code P2563

    Hi shwetank, It looks like the ECU is asking for full boost but the position feedback is only showing 38%, so is the turbo sticking or is the sensor faulty? It is more likely that it is sticking intermittently, I have used successfully many times. More testing is...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    I guess it depends on what you mean by severe illness. I am thinking the 4 million plus that have died might consider it a severe illness, or locally, ask Petrol Dave or to a lesser extent myself whether we consider it a severe illness. Yes I do. Regards HMC
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    2015 Audi Q5 - What am I missing?

    Hi JTT1603, Make sure the left front wheel speed sensor is fully seated correctly and then try the test again. Regards HMC
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    What part is this?

    " Should my car be showing the hood is open then when its open? And possibly causing the oil level sensor light to be on all the time? ". From what I recall, yes and yes. Have you tried pressing the button to see if it brings the bonnet light on? You could also disconnect it from the main...
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    2011 Jetta TDI - heavy white/gray smoke heavy diesel smell

    Hi fin reaper, You say " I don't have any fault codes related to injectors. ", does that mean there are dtc's for other things? Have you checked the EGR is functioning correctly? Regards HMC
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    Audi B5 S4, replaced ICMs, now faults

    I would revisit the area you were working and look for a displaced connector or broken wire, check fuses as well. Ideally get a wiring diagram and check for a common feed and earth for those components. Regards HMC
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    Walnut Blasting

    " I also measured the catalytic converter temp at operating temp. Near the front (first sensor) it's around 550 F and middle to rear of unit it is around 350 F." It should be hotter at the back than the front if the cat was was working. I think there is a good chance the car is running rich and...
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    Walnut Blasting

    Have you checked the fuel trims? There may be O2 sensor and cat aging tests available but I do not know the numbers, Uwe might be able to advise. You could also test the cat with an IR thermometer. Regards HMC