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    Would like to accomplish a couple of tweaks 2020 S8

    Hi all. Would like to have the start/stop system be able to remember the last setting so I don't have to push the button every time I start the car. Also would like to be able to enter data at speed. None of the previous procedures work for the D5 platform. It also seems like when I scan the...
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    Closing trunk with foot swipe

    Hi all, I can open my trunk with the foot swipe under the bumper. Is there a way to enable it on my 17 S6 to close the trunk with the same swipe? Would be handy to do with a handful of groceries. tia
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    5F module

    Hi guys, I scanned my car today after updating to latest version. This is the error I got. The only difference between this and my last scan is the 8 after the 4 zeros. I did change some adaptations but don't believe I changed any coding in the 5F module since there isn't anything in the...
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    Turning off DRL winking in updated C7 S6

    Hi all, I have a 2017 S6. With the updated VAG-COM software there is now a long coding helper in module 9. I was looking to turn off the winking feature, however there are a lot of lighting options available. I did uncheck the box on byte 27, bit 4 which was something like turn off led with...