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    Registered User

    Hey guys i just started having an issue with my vcds it is saying i am not a licensed user. I've never had this issue before any suggestions on how to fix this i purchased the Cable directly from Ross tech i've owned it for almost two years now. Thanks in advanced
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    Passat CC Rear fog issue

    Hey guys i was doing some work on my friends 2012 Vw Passat CC. I installed the Auto Euroswitch and i wired the trigger wire from pin 7 to pin 13 into the black connector under the dash. When it comes to coding the car to have the rear fog to work i can't figure it out. When i go to Central...
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    Emergency Brake. Mk6 Golf Gti

    Hey guy's i was just curious i have a 2010 Golf Gti and i was wondering the light that comes up on the dash when i pull up the Brake it says brake instead of the symbol that comes on in the European spec cars. I see that the symbol is there just wondering if you can change it with the Vcds. I...
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    Golf Gti Mfd

    hey guy's i was wondering if there were any options you can unlock with vcds on your MFD. I know on my B8 A4 i was able to display battery volatage. The only thing i know of is the Polar FIS which unlocks a bunch of features which include boost pressure. I do know European spec cars have a oil...
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    B8 A4 led tail lamp euro coding

    I have a 2012 Audi b8 A4 with the led tail lights i know davidb8 was able to code it so that the turn signals are separate from the brake lamps. Anyone know how to code it to be amber instead of red and not blink with the brake light.
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    Electrical Fault in Circuit 2010 Golf Gti

    Hey guy's I'm getting these fault codes. I was thinking because i updated my rcd510 to a newer version that has the phone option and the back up camera. I also went from a 9W-2 bluetooth to a 9W-Z. I haven't really experience where the radio stays on or the locks act up. I haven't really noticed...
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    Help coding Highline Backup Camera on mk6 Golf Gti

    hey guys i have a 2010 Golf Gti and i installed the highline European back up camera that pops out of the emblem. I have everything working when i put it in reverse the camera pops out but nothing shows up on the screen. I'm getting some fault codes saying that the module is incorrectly coded. I...