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    MIB2STD in MK6 - mute/volume while parking

    Hi, I have retrofitted MIB2STD in VW Golf MK6 (including 5F support gateway). Only proglem is, that cant code (adapt) mute/volume while parking. I set adaptation it in 5F-Information Electr., in 10-Park/Steer Assist too, but nothing changed, radio dont change volume/dont mute while parking. Is...
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    MK6 Golf 2012 - wrong mirrors direction and missing X/Y position.

    I have retrofited folding mirrors on MK6 Golf 2012. After I change drivers unit to 5K0959793A from 5K0959793, drivers and passanger (with folding and standard mirror too) mirrors not respect directions, that I pushing on switch. UP in switch is right on mirror, down is left, .... . On passanger...
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    03842 Incorrect Signal after upgrade rear ABS sensors

    Hi, I have problem after WTH003858A and WTH003859A installation to Golf MK6 2012. In other thread I found, that must add +256 to short coding, but my ABS have long coding and in VCDS (have latest version) I can code only few bytes, but in others I see: Only limited Coding Information is...
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    03 ABS-Brakes - Adaptation - 93 Sport startup mode

    Hi, what this changing? I know, that it is in ABS, I read somewhere, that it is something like "early ESP start doing job, when it is disabled" and it seems, that this is true, but when I disable it, it seems, that my DSG work smoothly, when I start moving. When it is enabled, starting it is...
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    MKV Golf 2008 - Number of turn signal blinks

    Hi, on 2010+ MKV Golf models is possible to change number of blinks (Adress 09, adaptation, channel 31). On my 2008 model it is not possible, but, when I use AutoPolar FIS+ advanced modul, it give me possibility to change it. It is because FIS+ can change something, or it is because turning is...
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    MKV Golf - autoclose windows after lock

    Hi, I have interest to set windows to be closed after door lock via remote. I know, that is possible to hold button on remote, but it is not comfort for me. What I read on other forums, it is in Central Convenience on adress 46. I try to code some combinations of comfort closing, but still only...
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    8520138 - Control Module for Battery Monitoring

    Hello, on friends Cupra 280 MY2016 I have this error: Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 5Q0-907-530-V1.clb Control Module Part Number: 5Q0 907 530 AF HW: 5Q0 907 530 F Component and/or Version: GW MQB High 128 1223 Software Coding...
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    Hi, I have interest to register my cable, but I don't have certificate and on cable I don't have short serial number. I only have long serial number. How can I register? Thanks, Peter
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    Repeated engine logging - save list of blocks items for future logging

    Hi, from time to time I need logging of engine blocks to CSV few times per day. Now, I must still watch to prepared list (or lists, I have 5-6 lists of 10-12 items per list) of items and then select items in table. Is any way to save this list (lists) and simply load one saved list and start...