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    2009 Audi B8 Bluetooth/Tele/Voice Control issue

    so Im not sure when this issue started, but it was a few months ago to say the least. I can pair my phone with Bluetooth. If I make a call, I can hear it ringing and hear the person... however the other person cannot hear me... second part of this issue is on my steering wheel, the tele...
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    Need Help Diagnosing issue with my B8 s5 4.2fsi

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone is able to provide some input on issues that I am experiencing. 2 days ago, I ran fuel cleaner through the fuel system and afterwards, the car started and idled fine for over 30 minutes. I shut it off and cleaned up tools. went to start it back up and was quite...
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    VCDS Constant dropouts

    Hi, so whenever I try to log say engine module with advance or standard measuring data, there's a hiccup randomly and data would be shown as "0's" or "N/A" for split second and then continue and it will do it again randomly. second issue I have is when I go into Basic Settings, doesn't matter...
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    vcds basic setting oxygen sensors

    Hi, just a quick question when I try to perform the basic settings for oxygen sensor it just keeps saying test on and keeps running. How long is this test supposed to run because I was holding accellerator and brake for 10-15min and it still did not complete. Its a 2010 Audi a5 2.0tfsi vcds...
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    2010 A5 2.0T FSI CAEB fueling issues

    My car recently started smelling extremely rich from the exhaust, when I drive and have the window cracked the exhaust smell enters the cabin somewhere and makes it almost unbearable to drive. This only happens when window is cracked open. It smells extremely rich. I tried to log with vcds but i...
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    New Here and saying Hi with 2 questions :-)

    First of I'd Like to say hi all :-). I’ve been in the vag scene for about 4 years. I started with a 2005 B6 A4 1.8t which i started vag coding a week after i bought it. Sadly it was totaled earlier this year and was replaced with a 2010 A5 2.0t. I have some experience with vcds but this new...