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    Upper front suspension bearings renewal on Audi/VW vehicles

    I've not had a great deal of experience with the problems that most Audi/VW front upper suspension mounting bearings create when they go rusty and need to be removed. I've seen some techs take a grinder to the top M8 bolts heads to remove the bearings in the past. Some cars such as Skoda and the...
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    Update to the VCDS software!

    I was recently asked if I could code a second key to a VW Transporter and was unable. Given then that we are "Verified" members with "genuine" equipment traceable back to our front doors, would it not be possible to write into the software a function to program keys and modules when required! To...
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    Resetting the VCDS screen size

    Sorry to ask this but I have changed my PC now with a 32" monitor and the VCDS is too large on screen. I have forgot how to adjust screen view sizes. Help please.
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    Space saver wheel vs full size space saver wheel and tyre

    I've seen many and not thought too much about them, so a part from the wheel and tyre size being larger, the speed restrictions being the same, why have a full size wheel and tyre and restrict its speed capability?
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    Latest software download operation

    Hello, I wonder at the possible next update if it could be possible to allow the software to open up to full screen capacity! Its a bit of a nuisance to keep walking back to the computer to read the small screen. Thank you.
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    Not asking for the Silver Bullet

    I've been asked to look at a Golf VI and am being told that injectors are a common problem! I have no experience to say that they are common or not, hence asking. I've completed an autoscan and two faults stand out to me. [9838] Injector cylinder 2 circuit fault [N31]. [9772] Internal control...
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    Porsche Cheyenne

    Hello, Before I take the plunge and become involved, can VCDS do a service light reset on the above vehicles or should I send him off to the dealers? Thanks
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    Happy New Year

    Good morning to all members, Happy New Year to you ALL, and I hope you all didn't get too drunk here last night. :D
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone :)
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    Major problems resetting password

    Having repeatedly followed the instructions to reset my password after a computer change I am struggling to get to the bottom of why the software advises the changes have been changed, but every time I log out and log in the password is incorrect? Please advise Thanks
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    VW Passat 2008 TDI BKP engine

    Hello, I'm kind of hoping that somebody with VW experience can help me out with a crankshaft sensor and MRE ring. A long story short; Our boss diagnosed the crank sensor faulty because the Passat would not start once the engine warmed up. The crank sensor on this model is not easy to access...
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    VW Passat 2008 TDI BKP engine

    I have the above none starter, I've been told to change the crankshaft sensor. After removing the water cooled oil filter housing I have gained access to the sensor, which is deeply recessed into the cylinder block. I have managed to put a 4 mm long Allen key into the bolt head and tried to turn...
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    Tesla latest ideas!

    Probably to prevent them bouncing off bridges :D
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    Merry Christmas

    and not forgetting a Happy New Year to all members :)
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    VCDS 16 PIN data lead

    I was thinking recently (Dangerous I know) about the length of the data lead that came with the VCDS kit I bought. When using a laptop you can get the laptop into and up close to the diagnostic 16 PIN data connector in vehicles, but my current PC is now not a laptop but a mobile diagnostic...
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    VCDS Communication

    Not sure if VCDS or vehicle related fault at the moment? VCDS software bundle 18.2.1 I think but it normally updates automatically... VW Transporter 2007 model chassis 7H Tried to complete an autoscan twice and the end result does not seem to suggest that any communication is taking place...
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    VW Polo 3 cylinder 2006

    I did an mot (Road Safety Inspection in the UK) last week on the above, the polo failed regarding exhaust emissions (Part of the mot in the UK) later that day the boss had one of the other lads complete a service to the car and changed the spark plugs and ignition coil(s). I am to understand...
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    VW Caddy ABS Pump Fault year 2006

    Please advise, we have a ABS pump that is faulty and VCDS will not communicate with it, we have changed the ABS pump and VCDS now communicates, the problem now is we cannot recover the old code from the old ABS pump, is there a way round this. The autoscan just advises that no communication is...
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    T5 Fuel Access Flap

    Just a little confused at the moment with a job I am going to be doing when the van arrives after the parts are delivered from ebay. My customer is complaining that the fuel cap access flap keeps opening on its own, I thought there must be a return spring that keeps it closed, so I looked in...
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    VCDS adaptions 18

    Hi, not checked yet but can anyone advise me if it is possible to adjust the vehicle speed using VCDS in adaptation 18 special functions? It seems that the T5 Transporter 55 plate may be speed restricted?