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    2010 Q7 SRI Reset

    I have a 2010 Q7 TDI, after last oil change did a VDCS SRI reset (like usual), but I must have selected the incorrect reset, since the service warning came on after about 6Kmiles (long life diesel expecting notice around 8.5K miles after service). So I figure no problem, I'll go into Module 17...
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    2010 Q7 Parking Assist Coding

    Parking Assist failed, quick scan with VCDS identified module 4L0 910 283 C was the culprit. Purchased the new module from Audi (with P/N from VCDS and VIN) installed new module and parking assist is working again, almost. This is where I am hoping someone can help. I did not have an...
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    AdBlue Adaptation

    I have a 2010 Q7 TDI Premium Plus ~85K miles. Had the AudiCare Service through 45K, been performing maintenance myself since then. I have been having a problem with the AdBlue consumption indication (don't know if it is real or not). Contacted Ross-Tech and they provided the MVB for Tank Level...