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    2017 NAR Jetta disable traction control (ESC)

    Hi, Is it possible to use VCDS to disable traction control/ESC on a NAR 2017 Jetta 1.8t ? I know some kits are available to install a button to turn off ESC but can VCDS turn off traction control (without a button or wire)? Thanks! Auto-Scan: Saturday,04,April,2020,23:53:03:39190 VCDS --...
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    2017 NAR VW Jetta SEL

    2017 NAR VW Jetta SEL CPRA Auto-Scan below, will be posting adaptation maps soon! Modifications: None, car is factory Auto-Scan: Saturday,04,April,2020,23:53:03:39190 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64(VirtualBox) VCDS Version (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4...
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    12715520 - No retrofit/stock car - but code doesn't get cleared

    I got my HEX-V2 today and wanted to post a reference scan however noticed a fault code/malfunction Have no mods/retrofit done to car, saw another post on the forum saying to clear the code but it comes back No warning message on dash and everything seems to be working normally (unless I'm not...
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    [New Project Setup] How to find out/decode wiring information and pin-outs

    Car in Question: 2017 NAR VW Jetta SEL (BCM PQ25 Max3 7E0937190) End Goal of project: To wire a SPST switch to control DRLs. If it works, maybe even use more SPST switches to control other functionality. Description of current problem: I read up about relay 173 (controls DRLs) in older cars...
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    How to Take a Full Backup of Vehicle Before Modifying Anything

    New user here, how do I take a full backup of the car so that I can revert to it if something gets messed up? I know that the Auto-Scan feature can be used to backup the long-coding of modules but what about all the adaptations and any other MISC info/codes? Also, if you do mess something up...
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    Sample long coding and clarification for 2017 Jetta before purchase of HEX-V2

    Hi, I'm looking to buy the HEX-V2 for my 2017 NAR VW Jetta SEL (MK 6 Face Lift) But before purchasing is there any way of getting sample screenshots of how many bits are actually labeled in the long coding helper along with which adaptation channels I can modify? The reason I ask is because I...