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    audio owners survey thingie - dscout

    this is one of those opt-in survey things where they pay you for your opinion or feedback I'm sure you will have to create an account if you are interested. But its free money if you are, and you can tell audi how you really feel. feel free to ignore or even remove, this was sent to me but I...
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    2007 jetta wolfs 5mt us/nar - slow/delayed rpm drop when shifting or coasting

    This is for now just a general question, my sister bought this car new, so it has been in the family since then. As far as I remember, the car has always done this, so I simply accepted as normal behavior. It is not really a problem, it's just always been more a curiosity and less a minor...
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    2017 gti autobahn US/NAR with dcc

    2017 gti autobahn US/NAR with dcc and dsg sisters car, stock, untweaked, enjoy Wednesday,12,September,2018,19:12:04:03587 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x86 VCDS Version: HEX-NET CB: 0.4411.4 Data version: 20180518 DS287.1 VIN...
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    Solo - non spoiler

    Fun and worth seeing, not the best star wars movie ever, but better than most of the other newer stuff. My unsurprising personal order; rogue1, ep4,5,6,solo,7,8,1,2,3
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    Windows 10 tablet for vcds - rca cambio 10.1

    Hello, I recently picked up a cheap windows 10 tablet+keyboard at walmart on sale for ~$110. I have had a few days with it now and while it is nothing spectacular, it might very well be a perfect VCDS companion. The...
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    tv shows and movies recommendation thread

    Here is a few recent tvs shows and movies I have seen and can highly recommend; in no particular order - ozark --- mob accountant heads to the ozarks in an attempt to save his and his families lives; similar vibe as breaking bad, but a different kind of story - billions --- district attorneys...
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    general coil pack questions

    I was reading some of Jack's coil packs posts, and was wondering how cross compatible coil packs are across vw engines. I have 2003 1.8t jetta, and 2007 2.5 (non-turbo, 5 cyl) jetta. the connectors looks similar but slightly different. Is it possible to put the same set of coil packs in...
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    android auto - waze available now I think it has been mentioned in passing in various threads here, regarding android auto and maps etc. if you have a vehicle with android auto, you can now use the waze navigation app. I don't have AA, but...
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    mazda infotainment hacking/tweaks

    while the article is about mazda, the concept applies to all auto infotainment systems (and I imagine many other vehicle systems). Wish someone would hack the vw infotainment system to make it easier for...
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    2001 passat - b5 or b5.5 vin confirmation

    I have a 2001 v6 4mo passat, I am pretty sure it is a b5.5 due to the tail lights with the split red/clear sections, but is there any way to confirm conclusively via VIN? WVWTH63B21P275917 I tried checking on line vin web sites but couldn't find anything conclusive, at least without buying...
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    To W8, or not to W8 - or WWJD?

    So I have an old 2001 Passat, V6 with 4motion that I bought for super cheep last year. The engine still seems to run strong, however there are major (auto) transmissions issues (moving and shifting gears) that I need to get fixed/replaced, it has 190k+ miles, it also needs a water pump and/or...
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    new intake manifold design to help flap failures

    looks like vw has put an update intake out to help alleviate problematic intake runner flap errors and problems. my 2014 gti had this twice, at almost 30k and 60k miles on the dot.
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    passat gte tops sweden's 2016 EV sales Of course we still have a long way to go!
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    hex-net web and scanning newer cars

    From what I can tell, it is currently not possible to scan 'admaps' via hex-net-web and must be done via VCDS? Will this be possible at some time in the future? If so, is would that be a near or indefinite timeline? if this is already possible, how does one go about doing an admap scan with...
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    future of audi connected cars I thought this quote in particular might be of interest to the folks here, in that it looks like we can continue to look forward to even more encryption and securitization (my word) of the...
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    vcds for dummies - ask a stupid question thread

    For fun, I thought I would start a thread where anyone can ask those pesky 'stupid' questions that you were too afraid to ask. To start, something that has been bugging me for a while that I haven't seen a good explanation of. long coding vs short coding vs adaptations? I know coding is the...
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    wish / feature request - auto-auto-scan

    I wish there was an option to automatically execute and store an auto scan by simply plugging in the hex-net. An auto-auto-scan, so to speak. Then I could later plug hex-net into computer and retrieve the autoscan. If there are limits to the amount of storage, then simply store the last 10...
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    Radio off when key removed? - US 2014 gti

    So I have an 07 jetta wolfsburg, where the radio will continue to play when the engine is switched OFF, until the key is removed. This is great and preferred behavior, however my 2014 gti turns off the radio as soon as the engine is turned off. The question then is, is it possible to...
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    hex-net factory default

    according to faq; I was wondering what effects exactly that the factory default mode will have on a hex-net, and any example of when this would be an appropriate (or inappropriate) measure of 'last resort'. What is this other data, that would also be cleared? Does this remove or affect any...
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    vcds questions

    US 2014 vw gti drivers edition. I am looking at either the hex usb can, or hex net. Hi some questions I missed or could not determine from the faqs or forums; - does device/software support reading and/or modifying engine and/or transmission tuning? (ie eco vs performance, shift timings, etc)...