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    VW Polo AW 2018 Front camera retrofit

    evening guys, i have a polo aw gti 2018 without front camera (so no laneassist etc). the fl from 2020 has the camera. so i want to put new window in, built in camera etc. have somebody done this before? are following parts right? my vin is: WVWZZZAWZJY189843 vin from fl: WVWZZZAWZLY071634...
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    VW POLO AW 2018

    Hi guys, i've got some problems with my anti treft system. In the past i've cut the 3 cables which come from the car and go on the plug which goes on the alarm horn. i did this because i wanted to put a extra oem horn on it, so i have some extra Decibel noise, because only 1 is very mild sound...
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    MQB CH/LH without light sensor

    Hi, how do you guys do this? add interior light as light function on lightchannel for leaving home? And driverdoor manual for coming home? We dont want to use the flash highbeam handle, just open door.. Thanks in advance
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    Caddy 2011 Xenon coding

    Hi, i have retrofitted xenon on caddy 2011 from a friend. now we bought a new BCM but we are missing the coding. The current BCM: Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels:. 1K0-937-08x-09.clb Part No SW: 2K5 937 085 HW: 2K5 937 085 Component: BCM PQ35 B+ 011 1044...