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    Superb MkII doors do not lock or unlock, windows do not operate, no mirror controls.

    This problem has been bugging me for the past month and I cannot find a resolution. I have a thread on Briskoda and the good folk their have done their best, but still there are still problems with my car. Skoda/ Superb Outdoor / 2014/Wagon Step 1 VIN: TMBMF93T2F9XXXXXX Step 2 ECU & DSG...
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    HEX+CAN Cable not working with Acer Spin3 laptop

    Cable works with the wife's HP laptop...she doesn't like my using her laptop so I must get it working with my Acer Spin3 running Windoze 10. In Device Manager it is there as Ross Tech Direct USB Interface with VCP... When doing the Test in VCDS if fails to be recognised. Can anyone advise what...
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    MK2 MY15 Škoda Superb 3T 4x4 steering wheel with non working flappy paddles

    I've fitted a Flat Bottom Steering wheel with Paddle Shifters to my car Part# 5E0 419 091 BC and I activated TripTronic Shifters in Controller 16 Steering Wheel. On initial fitting the paddles worked just fine but the Multi-functions buttons did not. I purchased buttons 5EO 919 719 G WHS from...
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    Controller 1: option not available, Skoda Superb 3T

    I am new to VCDS and this is somewhat a newbie question I guess... I was following a Briskoda forum where they list coding changes and how tos, and one I am interested in is improving accelerator pedal response. The detail provided says to select Controller 1(engine), byte-0, bit-1, then using...