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    2019 e-tron (USA) and disabling kick hitch open function

    I don't want to hijack the thread but has anyone been able to get the rear lid to close with a foot swipe?
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    Current for bulb recognition

    When I had my 2011 S4 I switched out my bulbs to LED including the license plate bulbs. I went to ECS tuning to get the bulbs . All of them worked without and error messages. There was a resistor added to the license plate bulb which was not a problem.
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    Audi C7.5 Start Stop

    Mine behaves the same. With the setup I have now you can't have auto hold and stop the engine at the same time. My wife's BMW has the ability to have auto hold and the engine stop at the same time. I haven't used it much on her car to tell how much of a delay there is. It does feel odd when...
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    Closing trunk with foot swipe

    Thanks Uwe.
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    Closing trunk with foot swipe

    I haven't seen any tweaks about any of this. Just wondering if it's possible. It would be an easy way of closing trunk with a handful of groceries.
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    Closing trunk with foot swipe

    License Plate: 12345 Mileage: 35997km-22367mi Repair Order: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chassis Type: FC-AU57 (4G8) Scan: 01 02 03 05 08 09 13 15...
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    Closing trunk with foot swipe

    Hi all, I can open my trunk with the foot swipe under the bumper. Is there a way to enable it on my 17 S6 to close the trunk with the same swipe? Would be handy to do with a handful of groceries. tia
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    5F module

    Thanks Don, I flipped the setting and life is good now. Not sure how it got changed in the first place though. I guess it's good to keep logs. Thanks for your input. Cheers
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    5F module

    This is previous coding: Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794) Labels:* 4G1-035-MIB-HGH2.clb Part No SW: 4G1 035 025 D HW: 4G1 035 025 C Component: MU-H-LNS-US 053 0902 Serial number: A741C0H7535311 Coding: 017551020000000013220002041A00102F0007E5F17001047E Shop #: WSC 02391 785 00200...
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    5F module

    Hi guys, I scanned my car today after updating to latest version. This is the error I got. The only difference between this and my last scan is the 8 after the 4 zeros. I did change some adaptations but don't believe I changed any coding in the 5F module since there isn't anything in the...
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    Turning off DRL winking in updated C7 S6

    Hi all, I have a 2017 S6. With the updated VAG-COM software there is now a long coding helper in module 9. I was looking to turn off the winking feature, however there are a lot of lighting options available. I did uncheck the box on byte 27, bit 4 which was something like turn off led with...