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    Audi TT 8S Auto Hold retrofit coding not possible

    Hello, I'm trying to retrofit Auto Hold on Audi TT 2018 model. I have tried different security codes like: 24990 - refused 20103 - accepted no coding possible 40168 - accepted no coding possible 01153 - accepted no coding possible I have tried coding same like 8V Audi A3. On german forum they...
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    Polo 6R Steering Assist not reachable

    Hello, I have a very strange problem with a Polo 6R. The 44 Steering Assist was not reachable. I have tried 3 different Steering Pumps. All have same problems. I have tried these thing: - Other 09 Central Electronics - Other slip ring - Canbus wiring straight to BCM - Ignition supply straight...
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    Adding Cupra FLAG to Virtual Display

    Hello People, I have retrofit an VC to this Cupra before facelift. I have done all coding, but I can't get the CUPRA flag in the instrument. I have read that need to change the coding in Byte 2 bit 3-6 to Variant 5. Have tried this but no result. Here is log of the car...
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    T6.1 New model

    Wednesday,01,January,2020,14:35:16:43540 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4 Data version: 20200210 DS308.0 VIN: WV2ZZZ7HZLH032678 License Plate: T6.1...
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    Audi E-Tron 55 DAB+ retrofit

    Hello, I have an Audi E-Tron 55 Quattro with DAB+ preparation. If I look at the PR codes I get Q0D and that means DAB+ preparation. If I look at the MIB the DAB+ antenne is connected. I have also compared the antennas with a similar car with DAB+ from factory, all are the same. Sharkvin...
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    Polo AW 2G Speedlimiter to Cruise Control

    Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to rebuild a car with Speedlimiter 8T9 to Cruise Control 8T6. It’s about the newest Polo AW (2G). I know there is no set available at VW, like for MK7 etc. I see people offer this. I’ve done some research and I know they use SWAP license from other car. I...
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    Polo 2G AW Park assist retrofit

    Hello, I have this Polo 2G. I have retrofit PLA. Module sees all the sensors but in 44 Steering Assist coding don't work. Need the Security Access. Someone knows what the code is? It's not the same like Polo 6C 17580. It's different. Monday,11,February,2019,14:55:31:43540 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Audi A3 8V Retrofit Facelift Headlights LED

    I have facelifted an Audi A3 with FULL LED headlights to the facelift model with also LED headlights. No matrix, just the ones without the matrix. I have replaced the 55 xenon range module and everything works ok, exept for the turn signals in front, when the car is unlocked by remote or locked...
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    Passat CC 2013 Retrofit Dynamic headlights

    Hello, I have retrofit dynamic headlights for a Passat CC 2013. Car has OEM Xenon headlights without Dynamic function. All the functions work exept for the Parking Lights. I think it has something to do with Byte 18. If VCDS Scan Is need I have this. Does somebody know the Byte 18 for Passat...
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    Polo 6C LED headlights adaption map 09

    Hello, I am trying to install The LED headlights in the Polo 6C. But I need THE adaption map from the 09 central electronics. This is THE Only way to make it work good. Is there someone who has this? I have log of THE Car Which has OEM xenon with led not THE full led headlights. Regards Rayen