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    English Label file for AFN

    Hello, is it possible to get english label file for 028-906-021-afn.lbl? Really popular engine for that time. German is weird language for me. 01-028-906-021-CE-20210118-1913.PLB: ;SW:028-906-021-CE HW: --- Engine ;Component:1.9l R4 EDC 00SG 0803, Coding:00002...
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    Audi A4 B5 2000 1.6 MAF issues

    Hello, own this car for 5 years. This is 1.6 8v gasoline 74kW engine with DBW throttle body, FWD manual 5spd trans, equipped with SAI, variable intake manifold, no EGR that is found on similar B6 engines. Car is NOT iso/obd-2 compatible when opening Generic OBD2 mode. Stupid Simos ECU :D ---...
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    Port test after CB .04504

    Port test after CB 0.4504 Hello, applied update to Hex-V2 to CB 0.4504, FW 0.256, CFB 0.10, BL 0.28 and now Port test result shows this. Not possible open any controller with VCDS 19.1.2 Beta. Update channel set to Beta. Also 19.1.2 shows that software is out of date in main window...
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    VIN registration popup in K line module

    Hello, just wired another test subject with random Audi A6 C6 engine ECU (CAN) + Audi A6 C5 central locks (K2). Now I can't open basic settings/output tests because it asks to register "wrong VIN number" while I'm in A6 C5 Central locks if I opened engine ECU in the same vcds session before...
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    Coding labels wrong for 8L0 central locking

    First tests of V2. Found a central locking pump behind my desk. :D Yes, oldschool you may have never seen in your life. [1] Tried to change coding of it. If I sum it myself looking at balloon popup, it's fine. Problem if I want to use Coding helper. "Coding details can be found it byte 01 &...
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    Extra symbols after "Labels:"

    Why some Hex-v2 autoscans have extra symbol after "Labels:" but other don't? I mean, dot, pipe, asterisk Address 01: Engine (J623-CJXA) Labels:. 06K-907-425-V1.clb Address 02: Auto Trans (J743) Labels: 0D9-927-770.clb Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels...