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    2009 Volkswagen Jetta Problems

    ABS/ESP control is most probably the cause of most of your problems here, for some reason, a failing MK60EC1 ABS/ESP control does interfere with cluster fuel gage display,get another one according to your VIN,fit and keep us posted
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    Mk5 GTI lost abs coding (MK60EC1)

    Hi guys,below is an autoscan of a 2009 GTI that had its ABS/ESP control replaced with an updated one elsewhere, owner claims the old one lost and refused to communicate.....unfortunately I forgot to check Advanced ID of cluster,Immo and ECU,however I think they've not been tampered with.....any...
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    HVAC problem

    Hello guys....ECU logs a sympathy code for AC,while going directly to HVAC,no fault code found,can this be a bug in the ECU?.....client claims AC high pressure sender was replaced sometimes back in another workshop when it refused to the moment AC works just fine .. fault frequency...
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    ABS woes after engine,ecu and tranny swap

    Hello guys,this formely 1.4 GT has chewed pistons like khat ,that has necessitated engine ''rebuilds almost yearly for the past four years,which has been expensive and inconvenient to client...,so we took a drastic step of swapping 2.0l 147kw BWA engine complete with ecu,harnesses and shafts,so...
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    Hex V2 dead interface refused to light up after scanning golf mk6......I tried it alone on a Tiguan,a golf mk4 and an mk5....even plugging it into my laptop,it doesn't light up..... what do I do.....can it be repaired?
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    Golf 6 1.4 tsi strange code after fixing G188

    Hello guys,after finally fixing G188 issues on this car after it had been through many garages in Nairobi,....before i could celebrate during a test drive:banghead:....EPC blinked on trying to press accelerator hard to overtake....light went off,reappeared again when i tried to drive...
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    Username Edit

    Any idea on how to edit RT forum username most welcome, I'm unable to find where that option exists
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    YET another LOST ABS MK60EC1 coding,and the list may be growing

    HELLO great team and rosstech forum members,yet another typical MK60EC1 lost coding,but client has replaced ABS control with a similar part number unit[old one was refusing to talk] ,and he came with the previous coding[not sure if it was the right one,133B400D112200FEC81302E988200080B100]...
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    Shop name

    Hello everyone, anyone knows how to edit/change shop name in Hex V2 installation, tried several times to no avail....I think I'm missing a procedure somewhere any insight is greatly appreciated
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    hello anyone,my client has shipped this mechatronic for repairs in the UK[] before car hopped into my place,it had, ;P177C - 003 - Tolerance Limit Reached - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100011 Fault Priority: 0...
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    Hello everyone,I really appreciate the help I have gotten here ever since I purchased my treasured HEX V2 i have a Touareg here with thousands of DTCs and before I embark on any repair intervention,Id like to download WD and relevant repair info on erWin but not sure of the market...
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    LOST ABS MK60EC1 coding

    hello,can anyone help with this abs coding,the new owner does not have a previous repair history apart from the engine ECU being taken out of car and swapped with another one to see if some unexplained faults could go away,I have tried some codes in another thread on mk60 here but not successful...
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    N290 mystery on golf mk5

    Hello,can anyone shed more light on where the N290 is fitted on this Golf5,it is nowhere in the workshop manual,SSP334 about fuel on FSi engines,what im getting in the FINE BOOKS are N276 mounted HPFP,G410 on low pressure fuel rail,G247 on high pressure fuel rail and even SSP322 on AXW which is...
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    Audi A3 8P stubborn "service due" warning

    Hello everyone,below is an autoscan of an audi serviced by a friend a week ago but service warning not reset,he passed at my place and i performed SRI yesterday,but immediately the service now popped up after cycling the ignition,we went for a test drive,came back,switched car off,then on after...
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    VW touran MFD menu

    Hello,does anyone have a tip or trick of enabling MFD menu on this touran somewhere in the convenience or instruments ,settings like time,winter;language,units auto door lock etc do not appear however much i press the ok,up,bottom buttons on wiper stalk! even though the MFD is high line,red in...
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    Golf mk6 GTI transmission overtemperature and engine over revving in sports mode

    Hello guys,below is an enclosed autoscan of an mk6 gti whose dash screams about overheating tranny frequently,but no fault code is logged in ecu memory,I think this might be a common issue with 02E,but someone can chime in,however the engine revolutions at times go past 6000rpm before shifting...
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    Golf mk6 2009 uk edition cax engine 7speed dsg

    autoscan Wednesday,14,February,2018,07:51:08:48669 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4411.4 Data version: 20180122 DS285.1 Dealer/Shop Name: FREDRICK'S VWAUDI VIN: WVWZZZ1KZ9W560114 License Plate...
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    Polo 6R abs cannot be reached

    Hello everyone,below is an autoscan from polo 6r,despite several attempts at scanning, abs can only be accessed from address 03,autoscan displays 'cannot be reached, however no controller is reporting 'missing message from abs' error,there's no MIL,however owner got concerned after seeing this...
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    Golf 5 BAG engine misfire

    Hello everyone, I have swapped plugs/ coilpacks no1 and 4 to cylinders 2 and 3 then misfire disappears but comes back after a 20 min test drive to cylinders 3 and 2,done compression test,cylinder 2 slightly higher than any cylinder at 210 psi,remaining cylinders average around 185 psi,since I...
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    Golf 5 driver's seat belt warning light

    Hello guys, I'm unable to activate this light after numerous attempts,owner claims his friend could have tinkered with it while enabling coming home,leaving home features for him,ive tried the long coding helper in instruments but can't find its checkbox anywhere in the bits/bytes,I'm thinking...