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    2018 VW Arteon 2.0TDI DFGA

    Here is scan from brand new VW Arteon from dealer from a test drive. Saturday,15,July,2017,20:47:53:36026 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64(VirtualBox) VCDS Version (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4346.4 Data version: 20170602 DS274
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    Using Passat B8/Tiguan Frontcamera (lane-assist) in Passat B7

    Hi I'm not sure if this has been a discussion in this forums, please correct me if I'm wrong. The history/start of the story is that as many of you know, sign assist is not working in some Eastern-European countries with Passat B7 camera (3AA 980 654) when RNS510 is using East-European map...
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    Passat B7 DSG Coasting missing in instruments

    Hi VW Passat B7 2011 (DSG, 2.0 TDi) has coasting function in working, but I cannot turn it off from the instruments. :confused: While moving in D and releasing gas pedal, car is moving in "coasting". Also it is shown on the MFA when current consumption number is replaced with "Coasting" sign...
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    Phaeton 3.0TDI batteries charging current - is 15V for starter battery ok?

    Hi I have a question about MY 2008 Phaeton 3.0 TDI 171kW batteries charging voltage. My client's both batteries where changed (AGM, 95AH) at the same time and after that the "guy from the mechanic's" said that right hand battery (starter battery) charging voltage is above 15V and is "extremely...
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    Upgrading ECU

    Hi I own a VW Passat B6, 4motion, 2006 and I was told by friend that my ECU could be updated to a higher SW. Although he didn't seem to be able tell me what that gives. Updated SW would be according to his words from 9674 to 9970. Could anyone tell me what would be the outcome of it? I asked...
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    Greetings and welcome from brand new VCDS member from Estonia

    Hi! Bought a VCDS some days ago, it arrived today and I'm so excited and want to tell the world about it! :) So, I found myself buying a VW in 2014 and first thing I encountered was that one could use a VCDS cable for diagnostics, activating additional features etc. So I decided not to pay to...