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  1. Gremling

    2001 Allroad 2.7 - Central Locking Module Gremlin - In need of electric guru (01560,01141)

    Yes, when testing these wires that goes from one connector to another connector shall have no contact to ground. So it is vital to know these wires is not connected to earth anywhere. If so on ne must disconnect other involved connectors or pull fuses. Example: So when checking E164 pin 4 in...
  2. Gremling

    2001 Allroad 2.7 - Central Locking Module Gremlin - In need of electric guru (01560,01141)

    At the bottom there is a few links to door and lid parts. E164 - Lug Comp Release Switch - Red/blue wire from E164 con 1 pin 4 to J429 Central Locking Contr Unit conn 1 pin 7, which again via paired wire in pin7 going to Q12, is feed from Q12 Positive (+) in electrical window/central looking...
  3. Gremling

    2001 Allroad 2.7 - Central Locking Module Gremlin - In need of electric guru (01560,01141)

    Check wiring looms, disconnect at both ends, of every connection/portions of circuit and measure from pin-to-other-pin for continuity check, then one side single pin (each) each pin to ground. It might be a damaged insulation or crack in the wire, and this that gives short to ground. Have you...
  4. Gremling

    Polo Vivo No-Start

    Have you checked continuity between batt negative and engine? Check voltage to each box. Please measure ohms in can bus system, you should read 60ohms, shall be 2 130ohms resistors in the circuit (ideally 1at each end of wiring circuit (most likeky inside components) and 120x120 (is 14400) this...
  5. Gremling

    VW California Heated mirror on rear window switch

    Hi, faultfinding on a brother in laws VW California. Front Passenger side belt tensioner ignititer shorted to ground -> Red wire in connector on top of belt tensioner was rubbing against chassie hole next to it and had made a small damage to wire isolatation. Just behind lower plastic on B...
  6. Gremling

    Multivan/California and Transporter exhaust smell

    Hi, I understand there is a problem with some of the VW Multivans/California and Transporter T5 series, 2.5tdi engine, regarding exhaust fumes. Several reasons from how and what, I would like to tell of one of the reasons. My brother on law have such car, with the BPC engine. As soon as he...
  7. Gremling

    Audi A6 2.0tdi, 2005 facelift, Glowplugs

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me how I can find out if car (ECU or GP´s controller sw) has been programmed for ceramic og metal glow-plugs? The almighty manual states that this engine (BRE) shall have ceramic glow plugs, one parts seller, says it does not matter if he buys ceramic or metal GP´s...
  8. Gremling

    Unable to perform SRI

    Hi, Gremling here, Last evening I tried to help out a friend with his VW Jetta, 2011 1,6 tdi, it had just been to service at a Toyota dealer/workshop ( we do not have a VAG dealer within a few hundre km). Anyway, the Toyota workshop, and also I was unable to reset the Service Reminder Indicator...
  9. Gremling

    Audi A5 ABS control module

    Hi, I am unable o clear faultcode on my sons newly bought 2011 A5 2.0 TFSI Car has had the famous engine upgrade/repair, a few years ago at an Audi workshop in Germany, seller did not mention any issues with car. Unable to access control/module 03-ABS Brakes, need help here Attached below is...
  10. Gremling

    Audi A6 Allroad 4F cigarette socket

    Hi, is it possible to reprogram the function for the cigarette socket to only be powered when ignition is set to on, or only when car is running? Regards Gremling
  11. Gremling

    2006 Audi A6 Release load on steering

    Hi, got a call from father in law yesterday, his Audi 2006 A6 2.0tdi would not disengage steering wheel lock, gear shifter or anything else but radio. Please be advices that all the following text, regarding troubleshooting and getting car operational again has not been found in VAG manuals...
  12. Gremling

    Audi 2006 2.0 tdi, p0665 code

    Hi, Just got my neighbours car in for a check, car was in limp home mode, and code p0665 boost pressure issu. As I fixed it, no scan is attached, just info for others, in case they experiance same issue. Checked and cleared warning, car taken for test run, using VCDS for monitoring. Actual...
  13. Gremling

    2010 A6 2.7TDI (CANC) with P040D | Hex net V2, Labels: Redir Fail!

    Hi, when selecting 01-Engine, I always get the Labels Redir fail. Casting many of the function to be "hidden" I am unable to do stuff. Have not seen this on the other main Groups. Please help me sort this, as I am unable to do adaptations and arv measuring etc. See partial scan below, affected...
  14. Gremling

    2010 2.7tdi A6 allroad CANC

    Hi, just got a chk engine light, quick test with my Vagcom revieled P040D EGR Temp Sensor A Circuit High. Intemittent, erased it, but came back after a few km driving (engine was shut down on purpose, stop at a shop), During next start the warning came back. No other issues with car, appart from...
  15. Gremling

    2010 A6 Allroad 2.7tdi CANC

    HI, I need help in forcing Regen of DPF on my car, wife got a particulate filter warning and drove for a good few miles as per insert, warning off, but I would like to make a force Regen, as car is to often only operated for 4km a time. Cold weather does not help either. Scan of car ...
  16. Gremling

    Engine types

    Hi, anyone know the difference between canc and cand, apart fro 190hp vas 163hp? Both are 2.7tdi
  17. Gremling

    VW Multivan 2005 TDi, several issues

    Hi If you gys wan to move this or incorporate it to the Multivan slide doors case, feel free to do so. Working on my brother-in-law´s Multivan, we have found a module to be defect in sliding doors issue, but scan reveals several other issues. I would like some advice in how to continue, what...
  18. Gremling

    VW Multivan Side doors

    Hi, I am helping a brother-in-law with his Multivan from 2005. 2,5tdi, A-gearbox. Car drained battery, primary fault was found to be both sliding door modules, they were burnt. 2 condensation burnt BAR, 1 relay V23084-C2002-A403, the little chip WE 2906 and a VR? (think its an VoltageRegulator)...
  19. Gremling

    Air suspension 2010 Audi A6 Quattro 2.7 tdi, 190ps

    Hi, As always when shit happens with cars, I am offshore. My wife just said car sinks down immediately after car is shut down. She hears "whistling" noise from left side, and can kind of feel air next to engine cover, very close to oil fill cap. When started, the car will raise, although she is...
  20. Gremling

    Audi A6 2006 2.0tdi timing belt failure

    Hi all, My father in-law´s 2.0tdi had a timing belt that broke/ruptured last night. The driver told me that he only felt the total loss off engine power, but no "bang", he could not remember if he tried to restart the engine (I therefore assume he did). I am not familiar with this engine, apart...