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  1. sam1754

    Engine ECU reading ability?

    Hello! Since I've gone to Shiftech to disable ACT (bi-cylinder mode), I'm wondering if there's a way/tool to see what exactly has been modified. Thanks for your replies!!! Here's my Engine scan before and after firmware's modification. I haven't seen anything with VCDS : BEFORE Address 01...
  2. sam1754

    Retrofit easy close on Passat b8 estate 2015

    Hello, I started a new retrofit but before going further, I'm asking which coding job I have to do. I already have electric lid and easy open feature. I changed rear lid's button(E406) and plug (T8ct). I prepared wires and pins to plug it as per factory from lid's button to lid's control module...
  3. sam1754

    Rebuilt Passat sedan TSI 150 2016 full options

    Hello, I bought a car owned by a car's manufacturer (a huge group starting by R). The car is nice but has been entirely dismantled and some things has been broken and replaced. So the car is no longer in factory's setting. I find some strange things with no error returned. But these two modules...
  4. sam1754

    Retrofit memory seats Passat B8

    Hello, I bought this : I have semi-electric driver seat. So I have to wire and code vehicule before I can use it... I need some help. Thanks :thanks:
  5. sam1754


    Hello, I'm enjoying lane assist retrofit and I'm willing to retrofit Side assist in addition. I'm asking where to plug the thing above J533 on the picture below:
  6. sam1754

    Implement Climatronic module on 2007 POLO 9N

    Hello, A friend bought a 2007 Polo 9N with climatronic. He doesn't know much about this car and asked me why his climatronic didn't work. Blower is always at max speed and he can only control air distribution. There's no gas in the compressor circuit so this one never start. I started an...
  7. sam1754

    RETROFIT ambient light passat B8

    Hello, I've done hard and soft installation with no OEM leds. It worked fine with one led test and now as the two leds are fitted on the door panel, I get this message when door is closed. It still work just when I open the car, open the door but right after closing the door, it turns off until...
  8. sam1754

    HOW to exchange rear doors modules control on a 2015 passat B8

    Hello, I'll change the two rear doors control modules 5Q0 959 395 by new 5Q0 959 595 which controls new features like ambient light. My question is how to proceed? Is it possible to not disconnect the battery, just switch off ignition, keyless far away? Are any adaptations needed after mounting...
  9. sam1754

    Retrofit speaker lighting

    Hello, I'm searching how to plug speaker lighting in MQB vehicules ( Audi A3 has it with the same hardware). I have checked BCM (5Q0-937-086-AK) IDE09732-ENG115872-Eclairage intérieur configuration des lampes-Ambiente_Lautsprecher,monté ,2 IDE11477-ENG128555-Plafonnier...
  10. sam1754

    PASSAT B8 SW TSI 150 carat (french highline)

    Hello, I'm the happy owner of a Passat B8 with some great features but not all. So I try to manage to install new "options" like lane assist, changing windscreen, coding... ESC button, ambient light... as I can. But without adamap from manufacture's equiped car, it's a hard job. Sorry for my...