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  1. EduardJS

    Audi RSQ3 red dash inserts part numbers

    Hello! I'm wondering if there's anyone who knows the PNs for the "red" insertions (alcantara leather) on the dashboard, like this. You can only configure it on the RSQ3 as part of the "extended red package", and since it wasn't available at the time, I went with the orange ones (83B 853 241 A...
  2. EduardJS

    Audi Q3 F3 - Electronic child safety lock

    So, I've recently upgraded to a Q3 Sportback 2021 (from a Q3 2019), and I somehow managed to miss the electronic child lock (it only has the window opening lock). Now, I'm looking to retrofit it. I know from the vehicle specification that it comes with QQ2 (Ambient Lighting package plus), and...
  3. EduardJS

    Q3 F3 - Garage Door Opener

    Hello. I'm looking to retrofit Homelink on my new Q3. So far, I've found the following parts: 4K0 907 681 - holding bracket N90 436 903 x 2 - screws 4M0 973 705 - PIN connector 4N0 907 410 B - control unit Does anybody have any clue what are pins 4/5 about ? They link to R278 (programming...
  4. EduardJS

    Faulty BCM replacement, Component Protection issues

    Ok gents, so it's been a long time coming. Have a Polo 6C, with a 6C0 937 089 BCM. Went on, bought a used 6C0 937 089 B ( from another Polo 6C ), installed it, fixed the CAN Gateway installation list, it's coding, as well as BCM's long coding. After switching ignition on, the unexpected...
  5. EduardJS

    Anyone here with a 6C BlueGT ?

    If you by any chance have a 6C BlueGT ( ) or maybe have a friend who does, please reply here, I really need an ad-map and one autoscan ... Thank you very VERY much!
  6. EduardJS

    Polo 6C BiXenon Retrofit Issue

    OK so, after 2 months of research and getting better at retrofiting ( :lol: ) I've figured out how I can ( finally ) fully retrofit the AFS / BiXenon on my own ( of course, with the knowledge acquired from many, like DV25, iichel, ciclo ( big thanks for the car's diagrams ) Basically, I just...
  7. EduardJS

    Polo 6C RLS retrofit

    Hello gents. I have a slight issue trying to retrofit RLS on my car. Made the wiring connection for the sensor as specified here in the diagrams. Went on and selected Bit 1: Rain/Light sensor, LIN_REGEN_LICHT_SENSOR screenshot ( guess this is the correct one since it suggests RLS via LIN Bus...
  8. EduardJS

    Support for Polo 6C

    Hello guys! I've seen this quite a few times, reading up the forum but ... I think it's for the best to just open a new thread. Unfortunately, every time I try opening the Long Coding Helper, I get the following: I have to accept the Experimental coding in order to see some parameters, most...