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    J393 Module

    Hi If changing a J393 Convenience module, i believe they need coding, is this soft coding, No login required, select 46 cent Conv. Coding 07 enter the appropriate valve, do it,, Where can i find the coding value to enter. is it on the autoscan. Here is a full scan...
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    Hi When using vcds output test function,, for example for checking electric windows,, does the function check the wiring circuit, or the components, or both,, how Is the function output test working is it just a switch,, as for example lets say i can operate the window's by the output tests,
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    Hi I ran vcds today regarding a fan temp issue, and 2 issues the first the info half of it was looks German which i dont read or speak the second was the coolant temp outlet G83 was displaying minus - 40.5 D/c The engine ecu temp G62 was reading sensible reading of 69 D/c I have readings of...
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    J623 CODING

    Hi Why cant i get access to post in, How to and Tips, I have a screen shot of a ecu for a Diesel vw 2010 which the forum is not letting me paste the attachment, it says below ,, Trying to work out the Numbers 0003031 for the engine ecu, its coding functions. Vag Number 03G906 016LF...
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    Vw Caddy Van Re wire,

    Hi I have been working on a vw caddy van, 2008, Bit of a nightmare, where the wiring loom on the passenger side was cut through by a disc cutter, Some of the wires are colour coded, But some are x 2 such as two green and whites, two blue & black etc, i started to do one circuit at a time such as...
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    J393 central locking

    Hi All. Vw caddy van 2008 sdi,, Bst, if replacing the j393 centrol locking control unit does it have to be coded, i have the front doors working ok,, just now to get the rear does to operate, the j393 was replaced with a spare we had,, in my elsa win it quotes coding, if replaced, if so can you...
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    Injector status

    Hi Using vcds to data log, regarding injector status, most of the time it is 0,,, i have 128, 0, & 4, can anyone list what the status 128 etc is,,
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    Trottle pedal

    Hi all Does a throttle pedal being replaced need, to be calibrated, basic settings, For a vw Diesel SDI Van, 2006.
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    VCDS and Boost specified

    Hi When using vcds to view, Boost,, Is the Boost shown absolute, or just gauge pressure,, For example is 2500 m/bar actual boost pressure from the turbo into the engine, or atmospheric pressure of 1000m/bar at sea level, And 1500 M/bar of boost.
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    Steering Angle Sensor (G85) Basic setings

    Hi All I have steering wheel logo ON in the dash display, The vehicle has had a electric power steering assembly fitted, and now this fault, Here is Some information, below, i have looked at this link which i think is...
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    Vcds login 11 problem

    Hi, problem when trying to login 11 to adapt key,, it is greyed out you cant select login, so therefore cant code the key for immobilizer, here is a full autoscan. 1 other question, the instrument cluster immob 3 i would say, 2004,, and dona ecu 2005, we tried just using skc codes, but that did...
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    Vw caddy van 2.o engine management

    2004 Plate Vw caddy van SDI, Does anyone know did the early models such as 2004, have a air flow,/ mass meter, and egr valve. as my Elsawin info list a egr,, no air mass meter in the wiring diagram,, also list a G31 charge air pressue sensor,, but this not a turbo engine, The vehicle engine code...
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    Interpreting vcds live data

    Hi all Tried posting in tips how to do etc, not allowed? members only . Ok Topic on viewing injector data,, from Injection quantity, Start quantity, and Deviation,, the listing says it all, or you would think for instance injection quantity is the mg/str of fuel injected under the engine...
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    Convert kw to ms

    Hi I TRIED TO POST IN VCDS HOW AND TIPS, BUT NO POST NEW THREAD SHOWN. Ok my question is as i'm used to seeing fuel injectors in ms on time can vcds be converted to show ms instead of kw injection duration' Regards Senna1
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    Full autoscan for ross tech

    Full auto scan, maybe of use to you . Monday,28,September,2015,17:04:11:46146 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20150820 VIN: WV1ZZZ2KZ7X012269 Mileage: 346130km-215075mi Repair Order...
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    Vcds viewed information %

    When viewing live data with Vcds such as Egr N18 % Does 0 % = closed and 100 % = fully open, same question for N75 valve. for duty cycle.
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    Vcds fuel pressure

    Hi Can vcds show fuel pressure, :)
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    18062 p1654

    Hi Why does Dtc 18062 p1654 come up so often, check ecu memory. when there is no fault,
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    Vcds live data

    Hi All. Using vcds on a 56 plate sdi engine caddy, when viewing in mbv i could not find the group for the egr valve, or Glow plugs, Normally i have seen glow plug information such as voltage etc on other Vw caddy vans maybe later model year,, i could see a few groups showing duty cycle but no...
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    Radio code

    Hi Is it possible to retrieve the radio code with vcds, the code to get from SAfE MODE 4 DIGIT, For a vw caddy 2006.