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  1. Orchid70

    Transporter T4 - G62 sensor fitted with thermo switch instead!!!

    So I have just realised, that instead of having a temperature sensor for the ECM - blue with two pins - part number: 025906041A Someone have fitted a identical LOOKING thermo switch, part number: 021919369 After finding open circuit - I fitted TWO Hella sensors. Both are toast. I hope I havent...
  2. Orchid70

    Body info help for EU Passat!

    Hi I need help to find the correct part numbers for front bumper grills... The PR codes gave me nothing... VIN: WVWZZZ3CZCE089877 Id like to know if the grill/trim parts are Highline or Comfort. Its the mid paret and right fog trim thas missing.
  3. Orchid70

    Difference in access in Basic settings between SW and EN version

    Hi Car in question: Golf V 2007 1.9Tdi Notised this in Swedish version (latest) and English (latest) when I wanted to activate the electric fuel pump: Here is the full scan (there is a fault code on the fuel gauge due to the fact, that I run engine with the electric connector removed from...
  4. Orchid70

    1.9Tdi fuel filter check valve?

    Hi Im trying to get a Golf V 2007 1.9Tdi to start. It died intermittent during drive - but now it wont even start. There are no fault codes. Suspecting it could perhaps be the check valve in the lid on the fuel filter holder. They are not easy to find - so Id like to find a picture on a working...
  5. Orchid70

    VW CARAVELLE 2,5 petrol AVT

    Hi I have a problem and not sure what to look at - if its the EVAP valve thats needed changing. VIN: WV2ZZZ70Z1H108351 Friday,06,November,2020,10:28:33:18201 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4 Data version...
  6. Orchid70

    Car had midline slip ring but scrapper tells me it should have been highline originally

    HI I need to change it due to horn not working and now the Airbag worning light is on - fault code for drivers airbag. I took out the slip ring - so cannot take scan out of the car at the moment. When I call the scrapper - they can check the original parts - she says the car was originally...
  7. Orchid70

    To data link connection - and possible cylinder head gasket problem: where to start?

    Transporter Syncro 1999 2,5i petrol Engine code AET 315 000 km VIN: ZZZ70ZXH090784 Wish to have some advice before pulling the cylinder head. I have no contact with OBD. So no Auto-scan. I have no Manual for fuses, but I think the fuse number 21 is for data link connector. That fuse has only...
  8. Orchid70

    Engine swap and problem with DSG after that CDGA

    Hi I keep getting conflicting info and not sure if I have messed up.... So what do you guys think? Car: 2012 Passat natural gas, CDGA engine and DSG gearbox, 7 gears, double clutch 420 000 km Owner calls about 60000 km AFTER the oil change was due! (She drives 75000 km a year) "Check engine...
  9. Orchid70

    Skoda Jeti 2011 year model escalating faults

    No retro fittings and what I understand, about 4 months before SRS light coming up, he had an update from VAG, for diesel cars, because of the diesel scandal. He says, first fault started ca 2 months ago - the SRS light lit. But in my scan it says 242286 km when it happened, 23800 km untill...
  10. Orchid70

    Just want to share what I found in a Caddy Tdi from -08

    Engine light lit Fault code on fuel temperature sensor (G81) - P0183 The sensor did not cost much so I changed it - same fault code I already had purhaged Fluke PRO3000 thanks to the tip in here and got it to use..... This is what I found under the air filter box where the sound got silent on...
  11. Orchid70

    Fault code 17950

    Golf IV Variant 2003 Engine BCB EPC light lits first - after a while Engine light comes on. After restart - no MIL. Fault code: 17950 - Angle Sensor 1 for Throttle Actuator (G187): Implausible Signal Below I have erased the fault vode - the rest looks like this - after couple of test drives -...
  12. Orchid70

    Golf V 1,9 Tdi Both coolant fans on high speed when ignition on

    No fault codes for engine (other than glowplugs). AC doesnt work - see fault codes. Outdoor temp sensor works. I can shut both fans off in Activations/Output. G62 shows right temperature. I cannot find any other temperature measurements in blocks 130-137. Elsa states something about there...
  13. Orchid70

    Passat VI 1,4 Tsi nat.gas

    Hi Sweden Passat VI (3C5)1,4 Tsi Engine CDGA 2012 331100 on the meater!! Owner has had the car since 3 years with 160000 on the meater. 3 weeks after purhage (auction) MIL on. Only been to authorized dealership and have had repairs done for near 20000 dollars (YES!!), but not only on engine -...
  14. Orchid70

    Change language

    Hi How can I change language or can I do that? Sometimes it is good to have the same language than the customers and sometimes its good to have English if I would like to ask something here. Thanks!
  15. Orchid70

    Problem with Steering Wheel Module Golf V?

    Hi Golf V 1,6 Fsi from 2004. After getting into the ditch - no SRSs got triggered - but following problem is present: The left hand turn signal is on all the time. I took out the steering wheel covers and problem went away for couple of hours. When I looked outside the position lights were on...