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    Golf mk7 wireless charger retrofit

    Hi! I would like to install an inductive charger in my Golf for the phone 5NA 980 611. I have all the connections and coding done and everything works as expected. The problem is that I have a storage tray (I don't know the exact name) under the display with the number 5G1 863 391, which does...
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    Golf MK7 seat retrofit

    Hi, happy Easter! I installed memory seats in my golf. For a long time I drove without pushing the lumbar out because it was not coded. Recently I decided to code it, but I am getting 4 errors popping up: 3 errors about missing calibration and 1 about basic settings. I have tried doing them both...
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    GOLF MK7 ACC Retrofit

    Hi! I have problem, In module 13: Auto Dist. Reg. I have the camera unchecked. When I check it, 10 errors appear regarding the Databus. I am adding an auto-scan. Could this be caused by the camera not matching radar? Can replacing the radar with a newer one fix these errors? VIN...
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    ACC and Speed Limiter not available - MK7

    Hey! i'm new member :D I have a problem with radar (LRR) in my VW Golf mk7 . Before I installed the virtual cockpit, I had no problems with it. Currently, ACC and Speed Limiter functions are not available in my virtual cockpit. I tried the coding from the Spanish PDF from XaGico, but I couldn't...