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    Calling all cars. Calling all cars. Polish Coalcracker screwwed up Auto HVAC

    Screwed up I did! Full Story… 2010 A4Q B8 2.0T A/C works and doesn’t work. At idle 58*F out center vents. Drive car 70*F out center vents. Hook up VCDS. 08 Auto HVAC codes. 00256 A/C Pressure/Temperature Sensor (G395) 001 Upper Limit Exceeded Intermittent. 01206 Signal for Duration of...
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    Problem with ABS Module after being sent out for rebuild.

    Got a 2004 Passat 4 motion 1.8T AWM ABS lost all communication common problem with these. Never was a any problem before this as I have worked on car for years. Reinstall same ABS module after sending out for rebuild and I am getting these codes they will not clear also have the yellow triangle...
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    B1S1 no activity thinking bad ECU

    Got a 2004 R32 3.2L BJS motor Please bear with the story because I want you to understand the history of the car. (I know I am long winded also.) A few years back did ton work on the car almost 4 grand for customer. Car always only had exhaust flap code and customer said check engine light...
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    VCDS update 16.8.0

    Yesterday I tried to update VCDS to 008.0 and it downloads the update to 99% they stops and times out. Did this 3 times. Today i tried again and I get "VAG-Com could not connect to update server." Anybody else having this problem? Before I say it's my netbook? Thank You! Good Luck
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    ECM software update from HELL!

    TSB from aftermarket repair info ProDemand Group 01, No 04-04 Engine, Hot Restart Software Update. Pub. Date 2004-03-10 TSB states software coding update too: 0006 for ECM part# 022 906 032 CS This is my ECM part # 022 906 032 CS Dealer tells me TSB does not exist? Dealer tells me they...