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    RIP Ferdinand Piëch

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    VCDS Mobile APP and Android Q Beta

    Tested VCDS-Mobile and Android Q on a Pixel 3 XL. No Quirks, works as expected :thumbs:
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    VCDS Mobile APP and Android P Beta

    Under the Android P Beta , VCDS-Mobile App will display a message on first use Clicking [OK] will dismiss the warning and allow the software to function. This message will only appear once with a new install.
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    A few of us from RT went to China...

    Bruce, Yanping and I went to China to exhibit at the AMR expo in Beijing. Ross-Tech offered on-the-floor VCDS Demo/training sessions throughout the event. Our Chinese distributors worked the stand. Saw this A6L based VW outside the venue: We were invited to an...
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    Sales Tax Surprise!

    TLDR: Newegg didnt collect sales tax for purchases in CT. They instead turned over their sales data to the state Department of Revenue, which in turn, mailed out tax bills to all of Neweggs CT customers.
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    Welcome back!
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    So i retrofitted an RCD330G...

    And can access/control VCDS-Mobile on the display! Pretty easy to setup. Using an android phone, download Webviewauto: Open the android auto app, click on the menu on the top left and go into "About" Click the header "About Android Auto"...
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    2017 Jetta S 5 speed

    Traded in the MKV GTI and picked up a 2017 Jetta S Wednesday,30,August,2017,09:18:29:10325 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4402.4 Data version: 20170721 DS276.2 VIN: 3VW167AJ0HM352035 License...
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    Sorry, I broke the forum. Here's a beer

    update should have taken 5 minutes :facepalm:
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    Die hard, Christmas movie or not?

    My wife and i get into this every year. Die hard is one of my favorite christmas movies. She says its not a christmas movie. What are your thoughts? good article on it:
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    Be Excellent to Each Other

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    Surface Pro Communication fix, Alter the Power settings.

    We've had a few reports of HEX-NET users having coms issues with the Surface Pro tablet. We've found a fix requiring a registry tweak, and a power management setting. By default, the surface pro will only have balanced power settings with very little control over the management. The following...
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    Online April fools day jokes/pranks

    They're starting early this year: sony: Trader Joe's via yahoo:
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    nǐ hǎo from Beijing

    Bruce, Yanping and I are currently in China for the Auto Maintenance and Repair show. Ross-Tech will be at hall W1 booth E05. I'll update this thread with pictures when i can. The great firewall is very interesting... Here's our ad in the AMR Show Preview magazine. We have some free...
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    Ross-Tech harrassed at AAPEX by forum user

    Had to use a click bait title :p forum user bar&kevs stops by our booth every year with his brother. Always nice to see a familar face and crack some jokes. I told him we should take a pic to post in our forum. Thanks for stopping by Vick.
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    Android Marshmallow (6)- AP mode

    Yesterday i ran into an interesting issue while trying to scan in AP mode. Networks without an internet connection will prompt a notification: You must press on the notification and click yes. Not doing so will prevent the phone from accessing VCDS-Mobile.
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    Completing a VCDS procedure using VCDS-Mobile

    In this example, i will show how to complete a Throttle body alignment on a 2008 GTI using VCDS-Mobile, while following the VCDS procedure. Prerequisites: HEX-NET must be connected via Infrastructure mode, and requires an active internet connection. Wiki Procedure Drive-by-Wire (DBW)...
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    How to update HEX-NETs with a codeblock older than 0.42xx

    How to update HEX-NETs with a codeblock older than 0.42xx What's needed (click on the link if you need more information): PC or MAC Java HEX-NET Java Configuration Utility HEX-NET USB Cable Step 1: Plug HEX-NET into the USB Port of the computer. It does not have to be plugged into...
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    MIB 2 and the possibility of Retrofitting

    VWOA announced yesterday 2016 Models will have the MIB2 infotainment system. We know many will want to retrofit this new system. We do not...